HOW TO BUILD A WOOD VAN FOR KIDS TO PLAY IN. This is alot like my star wars space ship. the main thing you need when building a play in tuy for your kids is a imagination and some tools.

this could also be a scooby van, sponge bob van, barbie van, or whatever your kids like.

kids dont care if it perfect you could make it out of cardboard and they will love to play in it!
i all ways go over board, its just how i am.

THEY WANTED THERE SUPER HERO IDENTYS PROTECTED that why they have the black bars on there eyes.
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Step 1: The stuff you need

Picture of the stuff you need
list of materials and tools-
2 - sheets 3/4 plywood
box of 2" screws
2 - 1x8x8' pine
1 - 1x6x8' pine
scrap piece of carpet
magnet latch and handle and hinges
led lights [2 3. underbody car light work great to light up the inside]
piece of plexiglass
wheel and dash/steering wheel [i got mine from a old power wheels jeep]

tools -
circular saw
jig saw

Step 2: Cutting your wood

Picture of cutting your wood
from camera 096.jpg
from camera 104.jpg
i built mine to go threw a closet wall and next to another wall. so i only needed one door and one wheel for my van. if you want to make it for the center of the room just make both sides match by adding another door and wheel. the rear of my van is in the closet so i didnt make rear doors.

set your plywood up and decide how big you want it mine is 4 foot tall and about 5 foot long. the size of your door and windshiel may vary depending on the size van you build.

you can see in my photos i drew a door about 4" in from the windshield angle, and 4" down from the top. then another 1 1/2" in from the edge of the door for the window. 

i held the wheel up to the wood to determin how big to make the wheel well then cut it out. after you cut it all out make sure you sand the door and door opening very well.  the roof and floor followed then the grill/headlight area and dash.[dash and bumper are 1x6]

I absolutely love this. It looks simple enough to make. My wife and our kids are moving into our first house together and it has a full basement. I think I might try to make one just a we bit bigger and put a sliding door to get in the back part and have a couch type chair in the main back and two smaller charges in the middle with a TV behind where the driver seats should be.. I think that would be pretty killer. But thank you for sharing and giving me a idea where to start!!
Tinworm1 year ago
My favourite thing about this very impressive instructable is that you blocked out the children's eyes. You have my greatest respect for this.

Ignore criticisms about grammar. Damn cheek!
THE GOOSE (author)  Tinworm1 year ago
clowndude104 years ago
Hey Goose you still around here on instructables? Im new here and am a proud Godfather now however do not have anyone who can help build anything with me and have a few questions I was hoping you could shed some light on so I can build this thing with as I want to build one for my God son who loves anything to do with the auto world., if your still around give me a shout would love to talk some details on this great little project of yours!
I might have to make one with bicycle wheels add an electric motor in the back and make a small ev !
Doctor What5 years ago
This is a fantastic project.  But may I recommend some suggestions?

The step by step description needs a little work, for instance, did you just eyeball your doors, or did you use a pattern?

Maybe show all of the steps to making the chairs, the patterns for the covers, how you installed the lights, etc...

Grammar, punctuation, and capitalization could use a tad bit of work.

Otherwise, this is a great project, and would be a nice Christmas present for my four year old sister!  What a lovely result!