Nice Firewood Rack
Ope you like it

Step 1: Parts

This is all the pieces you will need,

4 Piese for the base, 2 little more narow than the other

6 Small parts for the structure

4 Larger parts for the main structure

No mesures, so you can make it fit to your needs

This is one of the nicer firewood racks I've seen. You took great pictures, makes it very easy to follow. I'll be building one of these this week. Thanks!
Thanks,<br><br>Hope you have fun building it<br><br>Bye
Nice project. Looks well thought out and the pictures are good. Let me know if you'd like help correcting some of the spelling mistakes and grammar, would be happy to help.<br />
Thanks for the offer, Happy to get some help. Im From Chile (south america) so, inglish its not my mother language.<br><br>Bye
Very nicely done! Is your wood rack in a dry area? I'll have to make something similar in the next few weeks, and I may need to add two bottom stringers to mine to keep the wood up off of the wet ground. AndyC.
Sorry for the delay.<br><br>Yep its in a dry area, so i dont have moist to worry about.<br><br>You may use a door stops in the base to keep it elevated. <br><br>Thanks for the comments.<br>

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