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Introduction: WORD TO YOUR MOTHER, Instruction of a Home Made Fashion Shoot

About: I just arrived in the Bay Area from cold Germany/Berlin. I studies Industrial Design and worked for Volkswagen in the Color & Trim Design team for about 7 years. My goal is to create and develop my skills an...

Photoshooting of self made jewellery collection WTYM Berlin.

The collection is also made by me during the dark Berlin Winter nights....all you need is industrial rope, carabiner hooks and a chain and a lot of time ...

I will upload a couple of knots so you can try it at home :-)


Step 1: WTYM - Word to Your Mother

Photoshooting of self made jewellery collection WTYM

Step 2: Styling and Setting

I asked my friend Julia, if she would like to meodel for my jewellery project WTYM...She is a super open minded and funny personality and the perfect person to represent this product line. so we decided to use our lazy Sunday for a little photo session.

Here you can see, when I was curling up her hair for a more dynamic look. Make Up and clothes are also from me...

Step 3: Preparation

during preparation, we started setting up teh website and selecting the neclaces we wanted to show...

Step 4: First Try Photoshoot With

these are the first unphotoshopped images with white neon light tubes, also me as a body model to see how different lighting can affect the image...

Step 5: Website Images After Photoshop

...and that was the look we were going for

Step 6: Website Images After Photoshop

...great model, funny images I think!

Step 7: Website Images After Photoshop


here you can see the gif images and some more detail photos



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