Introduction: WORKBENCH

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Step 1: Peg Board

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The first item on this tooldesk was the pegbord. it would allow me to display the tools that I commonly use. I used a piece of plyood and drilled holes an inch apart from each other.

Step 2: Tool Block

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For the pliers and cutters, I stuck a small nail in the middle of the board, just enough to support the tools below their fulcrum and just above their center of gravity. for screwdrivers, I drilled holes through the block and slid them in.

Step 3: Mount Your Tools

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For the hooks, I simply used clothesline wire. I cut 6" lengths and folded them in half, twisted them and bent them into shape with some pliers. This would make them strong enough to hold some of the heavier items. You could also use hanger wire.


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