This is the first knex cap gun ever made, it also shoots blue rods

This gun is base on banana inventor's "True trigger" gun

I modded the barrel so it has 1 big ram rod and 1 small (that's activated by the big one)
between those is a cap

Comment this video if i should post instructions
REALLY?????????????????????? IF IT IS I HOPE IT IS GOOD DO YOU HAVE ANY PICS PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
... couldnt you just put a cap between the ram and bullet/rod in any ram gun?
yes you you can, its fun to use on that one epic dragonov
i will start making instructables on monday<br/>&amp;thanks for the comment (=<br/>
That comment was being sarcastic.
if you have nothing nice to say, just shut up kthxbye
Its called criticism. Do I really have to dumbify that post for you to be able to understand it?
i underdtand it, allright?<br/><br/>if you think criticism is just making fun of other people's work, than you're just being an a**hole (=<br/>
But he doesn't, so he isn't.
Really, I dont see why dgm had to be so harsh. At least the guy took the time to make a block true trigger, even though its recycled and it isnt that reliable.
does it need a sharpened ramrod? <br>
damn i had the same exact idea and was going to make a knex cap gun but i guess u beat me to it <br /> <br /> &nbsp;great job :)
in theory, if you put in a rotating system for the caps and made it so that it had two rams without a trigger and the one in fromnt made to go towards hte back with a RB and locked in place, and gave this a mag, you could have the first real knex MG ever made!
Wait, so is this gun powered by gunpowder caps?!
no it isn't, it's just a cap between 2 ram rods
Oh, okay, it's still pretty cool though, good job.
thanks a lot (=<br/>
DO IT!!!!! I have lots of K'NEX and I would want to try it
i will post the instructions this week i guess, but yeah, i have a girlfriend you see, so i hope i'll have the time to make them,<br/>i will post them just because you aked for it (=<br/><br/>oh and, thanks for the comment, i appreciate it (=<br/>

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