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Introduction: WR5

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This is my newest weapon. It's a combination of a pistol and a rifle. Well, sort of.
It has a detachable mag that shoots gray connectors and that never jams.
My best looks so far. Shoots 30-35 ft. with one # 64.
Detachable mag
True trigger
Awesome looks
Never jams
Great war weapon
So there you go!
Before people start saying that this looks like my JDM-ASTR,
I'd like to say I don't really want people to do that, mainly
because my JDM-ASTR is bad.



Step 1: Handle and Trigger

Handle and  trigger. Pretty easy as far as I'm concerned.
Don't worry about the special parts inside.

Step 2: Barrel

Barrel. Tell me if you need any help.

Step 3: Mag

This is the magazine. It's a little jiggly.
But It's easy.

Step 4: The Guts

These are the guts. They make the gun work.
Top is the ram and bottom is the pusher.

Step 5: Band Placement

One band on the pusher, one on everything.
By the way, your done!!



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    bad instructions good gun 4.5

    Thanks! And I have approximately 100 of everything so I'm not much for big guns.

    look at some newer guns, and get some good ideas......

    There's numerous ways you could improve this, but it's still pretty cool either way.

    guys, give me a pic of a slide action version of this gun.

    Thanks, that means a lot from you.

    You know I actually like the simplicity of the design. It looks pretty good for something simple. True it's not exactly war material but still a decent gun.

    more rubberbands and tape to improve the range (:

    This is your best yet, but its still not up to par with the pistols that have been posted lately.

    i like it