Introduction: DIY Glowboard Using Bluetooth an Arduino and Some WS2812B LED

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Hey this is my first Instructable but i am german so my english is not the best :D .

So i have searched for an Instructable like i make now for more than an month but i dont find an so i have maked my own Circuit and skript.

Please Enjoy.

Step 1: The Parts

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For this project you will need:


1. An phone with bluetooth and an Bluetooth Terminal app

2. Arduino (I use a Arduino Nano)

3. An HC-06 bluetooth modul with breakout board

4. Jumper wires

5. WS2811 or WS2812b LEDs on strip (But you can also use some Leds and solder them together)

6. An Longboard

7. An Power Source ( first I used an Pb accu but it was to heavy so i used an Powerbank)


Maybe a Soldering Iron and Solder

An PC to upload the Code + Cable for the Arduino

2 Hands

Step 2: Connect All Components

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Connect +5v pin from the Bluetooth Module to the 5v pin from the Arduino and TX Port to pin 10(You don't Need RX from Bluetooth module).Connect the +5v pin (from the Arduino)to the LED Stripe and Connect the Data Pin to pin 6.In my configuration I use a LED-strip with 30 LEDs. You have to make adjustments in the Arduino-code if you have a different number of LEDs.

Step 3: Upload the Code to the Arduino

Picture of Upload the Code to the Arduino

I made an example code for your first steps with the LED strip and the Bluetooth module.

Her are the Controls

o - Off

b - Blue

g - Green

r - Red

a - Rainbow

m - An mix from all , but be carful because it takes a long time.

For any Questions please use the comment section.

Step 4: FAQ

For any Questions please use the comment section

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Hanee786 (author)2017-10-16

Hi..would like to know what specification power bank did you use?

space_pac (author)Hanee7862017-10-18

I used a normal 5V 2000mah powerbank. It held for around 4 hours but after 4:30 hour it got dim.

Shadysalama (author)2017-08-25

At send sms command what is the type of mobile used?
because i have the problem not send sms for all types of mobile phones

space_pac (author)Shadysalama2017-08-25

ok i dont really know what you mean because it works with bluetooth and not gsm

pomeloteaNQ (author)2017-04-16

Hi space_pac . I'm from China and I'm learning this whole thing. Awesome guidance! But I think in your step 2 the conncetion should be this: pin6 from Arduino connects to DIN from LED strip and pin10 from Arduino connects to TX from bluetooth mode.Is it a mistake? Need your help cuz I follow your step but my LED doesn"t work.

space_pac (author)pomeloteaNQ2017-08-25

ok you are completely right

Joshi33HD (author)2017-04-14

the mp4 file is no longer available and i cant see where the cables need to go :(

space_pac (author)Joshi33HD2017-04-14

look at step 2. I described there how to connect everything

Joshi33HD (author)space_pac2017-04-15

Thank you

space_pac (author)Joshi33HD2017-04-15

You are welcome

KänguruC (author)2016-02-24

Is there an IOS App for this Bluetooth Terminal?

space_pac (author)2016-01-09

1k of views \(^.^)/

gada888 (author)2015-11-04

Thanks for sharing,nice project,what is the name of the BlueTooth APP you used?

space_pac (author)gada8882015-11-04

With Windows Phone i have used "Bluetooth Terminal".

space_pac (author)space_pac2015-11-04

Sorry it was Bluetooth Assistant

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