Step 8: Upload to the Module

  1. Plugin your WT588D-U into your computer, wait for the necessary drivers to install.
  2. Select your flash size
  3. Press connect
  4. Press oneKeyDownload - Wait for the file transfer to complete
  5. Press Cut to disconnect.

<p>Can somebody post a link to a tutorial on how to use a 3x8 matrix to control this module or some similar sound module? It would be nice to be able to utilize more than 4 channels.</p>
<p>the wt588d software is not in English tried clicking the 2 icon from the right still not in english? help</p>
<p>If you download the software posted here it has the option for English after installation, at least it did on my win 7 and win 10 machines. If you downloaded the software else ware, like let say where you bought the module, it will not have the &quot;English&quot; option</p>
<p>Thanks for the instructable I would have never got the module going without it. I actually bought this module, my first sound module, because I saw this tutorial. A small suggestion you may want to add to step 5 to clarify what is going on in the corresponding picture: is to right click in the large box on the right side of the program and insert the wav file(s) that you uploaded in the left side box. Being a newbie I just figured the wav was automatically loaded and got nothing as far as playback or even the LED busy light.</p><p>After messing with the program I notice you cannot skip slots, it will only play slot 00H if you only put a wav, as an example in 00H and 02H and or 03H. If you insert a ms delay in the empty slot then it will work.</p><p>Any chance you will make another tutorial on how to use this thing with an arduino? I want to stick it in my modified rumble robot for my niece.</p>
<p>The software comes in Korean language. How did you get it in English my friend ?</p>
<p>when I try to hit compile in the wt588d software I get an error saying filename.wav.rbf and filename.wav.rbf.h (where file name is the name of the wave file) can not be found. I was wondering if you know of any solution to this? Thanks for the great tutorial</p>
<p>Thanks for a great tut.</p><p>Does anyone know if there is OS X software for the chip please?</p>
<p>Hello, out of curiosity where you ever able to get this module to work in three line serial mode? I haven't been able to get it to play a peep in three line, although I have been able to make it work in key and one line modes. Thanks for the tutorial!</p>
<p>Thanks from France :-) </p><p>Your tuto is really clear and precise.</p><p>I'm going to try it.</p>
<p>Thank you for sharing great tutorial! </p><p>Welcome to the site, by the way. I hope we see many more great projects from you!</p>

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