Step 1: Making the nose of the plane

There is also a rubberband in the nose to give the prop a nice swing ,but you can also go for the upgrade whit a motor ,step 6. Right now could also do the Cockpit Upgrade ,step 7.

Some times there are more instructions in the notes so look there too.
ferrari484 (author) 2 years ago
Later this year ill redo the plane. Maybe ill be able to add more detail and give the wings better shape. As my final Knex project.

Ill be sure to renew the instructable. And if you got any points of view about what wasn't clear, please react to this comment what it was. So i won't repeat the mistake.
TLF933 years ago
Great job, right now im trying to build the P-51 Mustang, im kinda going off from your modle airplane
Can't wait to see that.
here are some pics and i dont have it any more
Good job.
thanks n with that plane i also made a sherman m1 tank
I want to see that to. I would never be able to build this stuff because I have a limited amount of K'NEX.
heres my sherman m1 tank
jmoore114 years ago
Good plane, I thought it was a P-40 though.
ferrari484 (author)  jmoore113 years ago
i have to agree XD since building something whit knex is somewhat limited. It's hard to get the right shapes out of it. To make it somekind of a look alike,
and if you made the nose different they would pritty much match =)

dansdoc4 years ago
by black connector do you mean orange but different colour or y clip??????
those are yellows
bjarne964 years ago
stryker34 years ago
When I saw this plane, I was BLOWN AWAY!!!!!
gassybeans4 years ago
KNEXFRANTIC5 years ago
by the way the mechersmit is an me109
you spelt it wrong its messerchmitt bf 109 or me 109
yeah your right but bf is the factory name or an identification i cant remember but it not meant to be in the name
how come if you look up spitfire it will say somewhere: bf109!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
look dude i dont realy care arnymore that was 10 months ago just forget ok
no its bf 109 ps i have proof
for the guns on it you coulg get some knex ulta 3.0 guns from that set and mount them on
bilging it do you have any tips for if thanks
dansdoc5 years ago
no offence but intructions arent clear
ferrari484 (author)  dansdoc5 years ago
adding the motor isn't nessesery, ill clear things upwhen i come down to it
adding a motor was neccesary because it ends up being a better model =)
mberg5 years ago
sweet. aprroxamently how many pieces. because i built a shinook (helicopter) that took up quite a few pieces.
ferrari484 (author)  mberg5 years ago
i really got no idea how much pieces
thats ok i don't have very many pieces anyways.
spijk8605 years ago
cool spitfire
lemonpickle5 years ago
does this really fly
ferrari484 (author)  lemonpickle5 years ago
don't count on it :)
Semaj8685 years ago
i built this it is coooooool!
Hiyadudez5 years ago
My 5* rating = Takes this gun to 4.17, congrats!


Same with me cool plane. :-)
ferrari484 (author)  Hiyadudez5 years ago
stew655 years ago

is there any instructions for your spitfire
Just copy the picture
This was my favourite model out of every model i have built so far.I have subscribed because i love it please add more models. Thanks
KnexFreek5 years ago
tell it like it is!
Harsh much?
 if you read it all, you would see were i said thankyou and sorry for being mean
 i do not know why that turned out as a link. it is not a link
ferrari484 (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
 I understand and ill remove it and if you want to know way i did it, it's simple knex guns are more viewed then knex planes. So more people will see it.
 Ok listen man, here  is how to jack up those views into the 10 thousands:

Thing A, change the title to Huge Knex Plane
Thing B, in the into say This is my WW2 K'nex Spitfire V3.0! in the biggest boldest letters you can.
Thing C, make the tags: knex, knex, knex, knex, knex plane, knex spitfire, knex ball machine, knex roller coaster, knex tower, knex concepts, knex car, knex truck, knex table, knex man, oblivitus, dj radio, lowney, knexfreek, hiyadudez, mepain, oodalumps, knex tank, knex ww1, knex ww2, knex chess, knex, knex knex, knex 
Thing D, have less info in the intro, if you want people to have info, then saya few things, and leave alot of links :)

ALSO!!!! 5 stars wonderful job and now it is rated at 4.08
ferrari484 (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
idea. Byem> Thanks for  the five stars. But the reason why I got so much information is just because people wandered how I made it.

And I am going to replace the blurry pictures whit better ones I don't know when. But it will happen. So it might be featured. And that way more people see it. At least that's the idea.

By the way your weird, first you want me to remove the tag guns. While on both wings you got two small guns. And now you want me to add other people names and other stuff that is not relevant.

dansdoc5 years ago
do you have to add motor???????? please reply
mikstr25 years ago
you spelled ceiling, seling on step 5. awesome plane man
ferrari484 (author)  mikstr25 years ago
Thanks, you know the funny thing is i did look at up in the woordbook at home but still getting it wrong. The you can easily guess how bad my first language (Dutch) is? Now it's a 4.4 and that rather bad. Our grades go from 1 to 10 and 10 is the best you can get. So 4.4 is rater low.
 This is one of the best instructables, the rating system is from 1 to 5, so 4.4 is one of the greatest scores on instructables!
ferrari484 (author)  TheFoofinator5 years ago
 i ment my dutch language
squarepants6 years ago
this is a great replica of one of the most iconic planes ever-next you should do the Vulcan bomber-that would be awesome
wildar976 years ago
hey dude can i take your wing idea and put it on another plane that i made i will not take the credit
ferrari484 (author)  wildar976 years ago
Sure go ahead, what kind of plane is it anyway.
i dont know there was a pdf on knex.com knex club
the plane looks cool after a couple mods
ok i tried and moded and moded i cant get them to fit thank you for the purmisson but i cant get them to work ill just build the plane.
ferrari484 (author)  wildar976 years ago
You can see it as a constept knex plane. Any idea you think is useful incorporate it. As long it doesn't looks to much the same.
ferrari484 (author)  wildar976 years ago
gtrain6 years ago
does it fly....jk. nice plane.
knex mad6 years ago
very nice and realistic 4*
ferrari484 (author)  knex mad6 years ago
TheDunkis6 years ago
Beautiful. Simply amazing. How long in total did it take to get to your latest version?
ferrari484 (author)  TheDunkis6 years ago
Maybe a week i guess because i had to rebuild it. While i was rebuilding it i also improved it. But the cockpit and engine maybe 4 days to think it trough and make it so. Between the first version and the last there are about 14 months.
Whaleman6 years ago
That's a pretty awesome model you've got there! Maybe I'll finally finish that half-track I've had lying around...
ferrari484 (author)  Whaleman6 years ago
Blackbird176 years ago
im building a wildcat
mr.overlast6 years ago
can you take some better pics and show some instructions is someone building a lancaster??
ferrari484 (author)  mr.overlast6 years ago
well what pictures need to be better or what is it you don't understand
ferrari484 (author)  mr.overlast6 years ago
not me or not yet maybe i am going to build one
Where on earth did you get that motor from? I thought it could only be bought with the solar power sets and powered by a solar panel
ferrari484 (author)  TheFoofinator6 years ago
i don't really know but i bought it second-hand whit a other big bunch of knex
frag master6 years ago
just satrted a knex airpl;ane group. i would really like you and any other knex aviators to join up. the group is called KNEX AIR FORCE. hope you post this on it! :)
ferrari484 (author)  frag master6 years ago
iforgot3456 years ago
beautiful plane, maybe i should make ma a bf 109 an we can hav a virtual dogfight
ferrari484 (author)  iforgot3456 years ago
don't make promises but just do it i learned because i most times say things but don't come together as planned. And a bf 109 is a cool plane. Ever played IL-2 STURMOVIK well in that game you can fly one
ive played the entire series i just tried to make a p 38 lightning butt iit didnt work out too well, idk wat to build now
ferrari484 (author)  iforgot3456 years ago
ferrari484 (author)  iforgot3456 years ago
ferrari484 (author) 6 years ago
the spitfire has a little update
i dont know if you care,but, im getting an rc spitfire cant wait
what scale is it
i dont no what scale it is but my bro bringing it for me next time he visits http://www.arrowmodels.com/product_info.php?cPath=23&products_id=403
ferrari484 (author) 6 years ago
If there is anyone how can make this in dark piece, just show some pictures. Because that would be great.
julian25966 years ago
it a nice model check out mines
Vynash6 years ago
this looks very similar to a plane in one of the knex instruction books.
Yeah, but this is still great!
ferrari484 (author)  Vynash6 years ago
i like to see the instruction book if you know were he is talking about to make every thing clear i do no copy never the only things i used were just some pictures of the plane it self and a small model plane scale 1:72 i think
ferrari484 (author)  silentkilla6 years ago
let me ask it this way can you give us a picture and the year of the instruction book i like to know
ferrari484 (author)  silentkilla6 years ago
You know the knex company i blind (because you can make awesome things whit is) the only stings they can make are flat, and are most times ferry ugly. And that's why Lego is always a step ahead of Knex . And that is also a reason Why they are copying Lego. That is what i think very weak. http://www.knex.com/
ferrari484 (author)  silentkilla6 years ago
why do you just not show it so me then?
KentsOkay6 years ago
That's an awesome model!
s0lekill3r6 years ago
That's awesome, great work. =D
S1L3N7 SWAT6 years ago
Very nice!! I love Spitfires, wish I had a real one.
pls6 years ago
Wow, awesome!!! Great stuff!
Generally, I'm a knex hater, but that is pretty sweet!