Really simple instructions.Sorry IF I explained it bad.

Step 1: Material

All you need are tooth picks and tape,marker(optional)

Step 2: Toothpicks

In order to make 1 part of toothpicks you need to have 5 thooth picks and pile them up.

Step 3: Attach

Tape it together.When done,do the same previous steps over.

Step 4: Add

Tape the two toothpicks that you did together.

Step 5: Done

That's it.
<p>looks pretty cool... Can you make it as long as you want or will it break at one point because of the weight?</p>
Yes,you cane make it as long as you want if you tape it right
<p>Welcome to instructables. Thanks for sharing the cool project.</p>
You are welcome<br>

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