With the Winter Soldier coming up i thought id make a classic WWII Captain America cosplay for the occasion.

The whole thing consists of:

-Green khaki pants.
-Combat boots.
-Army shirt.
-Aviator jacket or trench coat.
-Biker goggles.
-WWII helmet painted blue with decals.
-Realistic BB pistol.
-Military knife.

I made the shield from scrap sheet metal, find the instructable for that here

The whole thing cost me under $50 to make, but if you were to buy and make everything from scratch i estimate it at $150 if you buy everything including clothing.

Hope youre inspired to try your own rendition of this awesome Avenger!

<p>Are you going to the film in costume?</p>
<p>We need pictures!</p>
will do! maybe a in a forum
<p>See if you can get more people on board!</p>
sure! althouh im the only cosplayer I know
<p>But you can see if you can get Instructablers to do it everywhere!</p>
<p>This looks awesome! I really liked this costume in the movie :D</p>
<p>I need this, for my boyfriend, for reasons. </p><p>Oh Captain... &lt;3</p>
is his name Steve Rogers?

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