We've all seen them on Family Guy and at those cheesy store grand openings, and even at car dealerships. This costume is very easy to make, I made it from things I had from around the house. Not only is it a fun costume but it is the best costume to make someone laugh. Everyone knows what it is when they see it.

I even stood by the road and was doing the Wacky Waving dance to cars driving by, the look on the drivers faces were priceless.

Step 1: Materials

  • 2 round pop-up laundry hampers
  • Black felt
  • White felt
  • Elmer's Glue
  • Hot Glue Hot Glue gun
  • Bright colored fabric (I used some old bedding sheets)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing supplies
  • Zip ties
<p>OMG thank you for posting the instructions, I am so making those for me and my son for Comic Con this year :)</p>
Al Harrington gives this a thumbs up! And so do I! A fellow Massachusetts resident! This is Wicked Awesome!
<p>Loved this! I made it this halloween and it was a huge hit! Check out my DIY video to see how it turned out! https://youtu.be/02XRysGlh9o</p>
<p>Thank you so much! Your costume idea is incredible and the dance moves are flailingly endless. The bounciness of the hampers are just wonderful, and made for infinite giggles. We made some! </p>
<p>Thanks for the instructions guys! This was a lot of fun.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzX8LMNMwlE</p>
<p>when you said to make the arms 16&quot; wide, is that how wide the unsewn fabric should be? As in the diameter of the arms? Or should the diameter of the sleeves be 8&quot;?</p>
<p>What is the best way to attach the arms?</p>
I sewed then in with a gathered Sean, but you could just make arms, pin then to your shirt, and stick them through the arm holes.
<p>I saw these GIFs and couldn't stop laughing - so I figured I'd make one. I stitched two hampers together - zip ties a MUCH better idea. I also opened up the top of the costume to avoid sweating to death (it's surprisingly warm) and to give me an easy way to get my head out while walking my young daughter around the town. I also left the pink mesh over the mouth, sewed the arms to the costume itself, and stapled big googly eyes on instead of using felt/cloth.</p><p>If I make another version of this, I'll go for three hampers with a larger diameter, making it a bit taller and also with the bottom going almost to the ground. If it's larger and taller, I would leave the top on too - it won't be so warm - and open up the mouth completely to have no mesh.</p><p>Warning to anyone making one of these: you won't be able to stop laughing, and people won't be able to talk to you. I rode the streetcar wearing it and watched with some glee as people giggled and snickered and laughed.</p>
<p>Question, can you see through the mesh?? Or are you pretty much blind the whole night?</p>
You can see out just fine, but they can't see in.
<p>Why not just test the mesh you use and see if you can see through it beforehand? </p>
I have questions!!! How did you sew the fabric to the tubes? On both sides or down the back? Also, what diameter do you recommend? I'm 5'6&quot; about 140lbs. Would 15&quot; diameter be too small? Does the larger diameter make your arms hurt or sit awkward when not waving them?
The fabric is sewn into a tube and then attached at the top with safety pins. No point sewing it on for a short use costume.<br><br>You want the diameter to be close to your shoulder width do you can really flap the arms. 15&quot; sounds l our it would be pretty good.<br><br>The arms are a bit awkward no matter what, but the thing is really light. I made shoulder straps to spread the load and tie me into the structure, using the cart straps that came on the hampers, but some steps of cloth pointed on would work fine. <br><br>Practice the slow delete and sudden inflation move with little jumps for extra fun. :)
What hilarious costumes! I just love the faces you put on them. <br>
Thanks! Its basically the face I was making inside too :D
<p>I can vouch for that!</p>
hahahaha! that actually made me laugh harder than the slightly lethargic tube person in the gifs
<p>Hey, do you think i could sit down in that? (maybe make one and go to school in it)</p>
<p>You can sit - but it's not a comfortable sit.</p>
<p>hahahahahaha..... very cute </p>
<p>Those are awesome! </p>
<p>Those are awesome!!</p>
this <br>is <br>the <br>best <br>thing <br>ever
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween costume contest! Can&rsquo;t wait to see if you win good luck!
Hilarious! I thought of the family guy episode as son as I saw the main image. Great job!
funny! great idea. Now you just need the guy from the movie Escape from planet Earth :p
These are great. Clever, simple, hilarious...all good stuff.
You're on mrsyndicate's instagram for the day of the dead
So great!
That looks like the most fun costume ever!
hahah I love that show! <br>
Proof that you will go great places in life. Awesome job!
Thank you so much, lets hope so :)
Amazing! You just made my morning.
The goal of the project is/was to make people laugh and smile <br>
you are the new awesome! that's what I think
Well I like how you think! :)
thanks! I was actually yelling that when trick or treaters went by the house!

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