Picture of Waffle Ice Cream Treat
Ice Cream is one of the most popular desserts in the world.  It comes in a gigantic range of flavors and ways it is served. It can be served in a bowl, in a cone, in milkshake form, served with waterice, and one time I saw it served in a pirate hat!

Waffles are an extremely popular breakfast food that goes well with syrup, but does it go well with ice cream?  Yes it does!  In this instructable you will learn how to make one of my favorite desserts of all time....... The waffle ice cream treat! 

You may have heard of these being served at dessert places around the world, but this version you can make right in you kitchen, and it tastes much better than that of a resteraunt.

I was inspired to make this because....

-I saw a waffle icecream treat at a theme park for a ridiculous price and I knew that I could do better!
-I had all of the ingredients on hand and I knew it would make a delicious treat!
-I wanted to add a twist to the traditional waffle and icecream treat.

Some great things about this treat are....

- The warm waffle melts the chocolate making this a messy yet delicious treat!
- This is a great dessert for parties and gatherings.
- This requires easy to find ingredients and takes less than ten minutes to prepare.

I hope you enjoy making your ice cream waffle treat!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need....

- Any flavor ice cream
- A waffle
- Chocolate syrup
- A banana or a few strawberries


- A toaster
- A butter knife

Step 2: Toasting the Waffle

Picture of Toasting the Waffle
brushetta 017.JPG
In order to make the waffle a sandwich, we are going to have to cut the waffle in half and then toast each half.  You can wait until you are done toasting to cut your's in half, but I cut mine before.

Make sure you set the toaster somewhere between medium and dark because we do not want to burn the waffle! 
Ha! That's very creative. I've never thought of using those waffles for anything other than eating with maple syrup!
I couldn't agree more!

Good work!!!