Introduction: Waffle Iron Hash-browns

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Hash browns....... I love them. Cooking them in a skillet however takes a while. So, let's put that lazy waffle iron to use.

I mean really, most of the time mine sits smugly on top of the counter, taking up space and doing nothing.

But, I digress. Cooking hash-browns can be quick and easy with a waffle iron. 

Thanks for reading!

Step 1: Ingredients.

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2 Potatoes 



Onion Powder

Cooking Oil

Step 2: Peel, Grate, Mix

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First off, obviously, you want to peel those spuds. Discard the skins or compost them or fry them up.

Next, get out your trusty grater and grate away. I prefer a larger shred, but you can go fine if that suits you.

Rinse the grated potatoes well. You want to get as much of the starch off as possible. I find it can give an odd flavor and make them stick.

Dry them and place them in a mixing bowl.

Add 3 TBSP cooking oil 

1 tsp. salt

1 tsp. pepper

1 tsp. onion powder (or real onion, if you prefer)

Mix well.

Step 3: Cook 'Em Up

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Warm your waffle iron to it's hottest setting.

note - At this point, it is not necessary to spray your waffle iron with cooking spray, but if you feel you need to, by all means.

Spoon a generous portion of your potato mix into the waffle tray, spreading evenly.

Close the lid and allow to cook for app. 5 minutes. 

note - If you prefer a crispier hash-brown, you can cook them longer.

Check for doneness, and if you are satisfied, remove from the iron. I find it's easiest to use a fork to get them out. 

After that, garnish them how you feel and enjoy!


boxbot (author)2014-12-07

I used garlic powder instead of onion and it turned out great!

shambuda2000 (author)boxbot2014-12-07

Sounds pretty tasty!

tstevens-1 (author)2014-02-28

Great idea. I bet I could use my George Foreman grill for this too. Thanks for the tip.

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