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Ever need a toasted sandwich, but you didn't want to burn it to a crisp? Well if you don't have one of those fancy sandwich toasters, this is for you. For one of these, just use what you have at your house!

Step 1: Materials

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What you need is what you have at your house, well probably:
-Aluminum foil
-Waffle iron
-Filling (for demonstration I made cheese)
-5 minutes

Step 2: Start Preparing

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First plug in your waffle iron and let it heat up for a little bit. Meanwhile, rip two pieces of aluminum foil off and make sure they are a little bigger than the waffle iron. Yes, it will stick out a little.
If you want to make this go faster, you can assemble your sandwich now: put in whatever you want in the middle, but I would suggest if you want like lettuce and that stuff, I would put that in after. Now, just put in like cheese, bacon, ham, or whatever you like.

Step 3: Cook!

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After its heated, take the 2 pieces of aluminum foil that you cut and place 1 on the bottom of the waffle iron. After, place the sandwich onto it, either assembled, or put it together (like I did). Then place the second piece over the sandwich, press it down a little, and lower the lid of the iron.

Step 4: Hardest Step

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This is by far the hardest step: waiting. You have to wait 2-4 minutes depending on your waffle iron. You need to make sure you don't forget about it so it doesn't get burnt, but aside from that, just let it sit for a few.

Step 5: Enjoy!

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Once it's done, unplug your waffle iron, and by the cool edges of the foil, lift it off of the hot iron, and put it down. Remove the top (and if you are going to eat it on a plate, the bottom too), add lettuce (or whatever you want),and enjoy! What's great about this sandwich is that it is crunchy in every bite, but still soft enough to enjoy, while the inside is perfectly melted and toasted!

Bon Apetit!


JessC8 made it! (author)2015-09-05

I just made this, but didn't use the foil. Some of the cheese escaped out the sides, but it was extra crispy and delicious that way. Also, I used while wheat sandwich thins, because that's what we had for bread.

Cheese Queen (author)2011-08-03

This is how my mom made grilled cheese sandwiches when we were kids- on the waffle iron!

No mess.

Noname23 (author)2008-09-22

I wonder what would happen if you left out the aluminum foil...

ductapedemon12 (author)Noname232008-09-22

haha probably a BIG mess....

frollard (author)ductapedemon122008-09-23

...a grilled cheese sandwich usually doesn't 'leak' too much on the pan, so I figure the iron could go without the foil; still an innovative idea! I like it. I just bought a waffle iron, but couldn't be sold on the 'sandwich iron'. I'll have to try this when I get home.

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