Introduction: Will It Waffle?

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We are taking all kind of different stuff and put it into a waffle iron.

Just with a waffle iron and a little bit of creativity, you are able to cook great dishes and even impress, because it is entertaining, easy and also very delicious.

Let`s start and

waffle it!

Step 1: Waffled Milkbread

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We need:

A waffle ironbuy one from Amazon : or ebay


nut nougat creme

Cut the milkbread and fill it with nut nougat creme.

Waffle it!

Step 2: Waffled Bun

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You need:





Put everything together and firmly waffle it. Make sure to protect and not to burn yourself!

Arange it nicely and eat it with ketchup and mayo. Garnish it with a little bit of spring onions

Step 3: Waffled Quesadilla

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We need:


Cream cheese




Waffle it!

Step 4: Waffled Pizza

Picture of Waffled Pizza

Pizza dough

Tomato sauce



aaaaand waffle it!

Step 5: Waffled... Eeeh.. Waffles!

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Yes you`ve heart right. Indeed, it is possible to make waffles with a waffle iron!

Make the dough

125g sugar

3 eggs

250g milk

250g flour

125g warm butter

little bit of baking soda

mix it all together.

aaaaand waffle it!

Step 6: Chocolate Wafers

Picture of Chocolate Wafers

Add cocoa powder to your waffle dough

Aaaaaand waffle it!

Step 7: Waffled Breakfast

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We need:

2 eggs

little bit of mil



MIx it together and waffle it!

Seperatly waffle champignon, ham and bread

Arrange and garnish it


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Thank you for reading

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grannyjones (author)2015-12-05

I have cooked biscuits, cupcakes, bread pudding and funnel cake mix in the waffle iron. Separately, of course. I have reheated pancakes and French toast in it too. Tomorrow I may make dressing.

Team Z (author)grannyjones2015-12-06


tjdux (author)2015-11-04

Mashed potatoes waffle = waffles smashed potatos. Try it.

JesusG33k (author)2015-10-29

Macaroni waffle!

Team Z (author)JesusG33k2015-10-30

waffle it!

JesusG33k (author)Team Z2015-11-01

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