Picture of Waffled Pizza Pockets

These crescent roll pizza pockets take only about 5 minutes to make, and they are so yummy.  These can also be made many different ways, using different fillings. Ham and cheese is also great, and I imagine peanut butter and jelly wouldn't be horrible.

Step 1: Ingredients and Equipment

Picture of Ingredients and Equipment

There really aren't any measurements for the ingredients. Just add how much you like, and whatever you like. This is just the list of ingredients that I used for this Instructable.

-Crescent rolls (I used reduced fat)
-Mozzerella cheese
-Parmesan cheese
-Pizza sauce, for dipping

Equipment needed: 

-Cutting board, cutting mat, cookie sheet, plate, or anything else on which to assemble the pocket of deliciousness.
-Waffle iron
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splizat2 years ago
Genius! Now I have a reason to buy a waffle iron! Wife be damned!
rawrjamjam2 years ago
that is just awesome, i want some. SHARE < 3 !!!!!!!!!!! RAWR
Comatoes2 years ago
Nice... I think I'll just do it in my George Foreman but thanks for the idea.
Maxaxle3 years ago
Amazingly good when you use your own dough (made using a bread machine) and your own sauce (made using a crockpot). I even got a decent picture of one of our many successful trial runs.
Maxaxle Maxaxle3 years ago
Whoops, didn't finish uploading the picture...
rfhewitt4 years ago
BRILLIANT! Gonna buy a waffle iron tomorrow and try this!
jtweed4 years ago
Great idea but I have a cheap waffle iron and it doesn't cook evenly :(
noahh4 years ago
I've found this is the best way to make grilled cheese. I just put cheese between two slices of bread, stick it into the iron, and put a weight on it. It makes the bread and the cheese merge into one delicious brick of deliciousness.
This great. My husband & I love it.
SageMinto4 years ago
This would make a really filling party snack. Mmmmm! :P
thegreat584 years ago
Using a waffle iron to grill hamburgers works great, with the waffle pattern on the meat, the condiments stay in place, and they cook quick, I used to make them for my kids, when they were small.
kcls5 years ago
I just made these and am eating them as I type. They are Awesome! Thanks for the great 'ible!
kcls kcls5 years ago
And a picture. They were peperoni and cheese, but I used canned pillsbury pizza dough instead of croissant dough.
waffleizer5 years ago
I'm doing a blog called Waffleizer with a lot of recipes like this, including one for a waffleburger (with cheese)
kcls waffleizer5 years ago
I saw your blog, and made the waffled hash browns. They were Waffleicious! I am looking forward to these pizza pockets!
I don't have a waffle iron, but I do have a panini grill. I wonder if it will work just as well?
 these are amazing just made some thanks amazing idea
 Wow, this was a really great idea.  I went to the store to buy the crescent rolls, and made them.  Instead of doing the pizza pocket as you did, I made it breakfast style.  I had some slab bacon in the fridge, sauteed it, and made some scrambled eggs too.  It turned out delicious. Thank you.
i am going to try this, i do think peanut butter and jelly would be so friggin good!
 Ive always wondered what other uses I could use my waffle iron for. this looks like a delicious idea! Pizza waffles for the game night!
schlammbad5 years ago
Quick question... There was no mention of greasing or oiling the waffle iron before dropping the pocket in. Should I assume it's not necessary due to the ingredients in the dough?
kfr1sby (author)  schlammbad5 years ago
Actually I did mention it, it's in step 2, second sentence. But, to answer your question here, no you don't need to oil the iron, the dough usually has enough oil in it, to make it come out easily.
I was distracted by the anticipation of deliciousness! :-)
cantab5 years ago
 You can also use the waffle iron to cook bacon with less grease and missed spots. Check Alton Brown of Food Network. His idea,
kfr1sby (author)  cantab5 years ago
Yes, thank you for posting that! I just watched the video on that a few days ago, and have been meaning to post it, but haven't, obviously. As soon as I get some bacon (haven't been grocery shopping in a while) I will try it and post the results. Thanks again for reminding me!
 Ummm, you're filling this full of pepperoni, mozzarella, and parmesan. Why reduced fat crescent rolls?
kfr1sby (author)  QueenCeleste5 years ago
Good question. No reason for it really, I just only buy reduced fat crescent rolls. It's what I had on hand. If I had the regular ones, that's what I would have used.
sturmey5 years ago
This is a brilliant idea! Somewhere I have a recipe for waffle cookies, but I never would have thought of waffle pizza pockets.

You are a genius. Now to find my waffle iron.
 waffle cookies I might want to try that.  just cookie dough in the iron?
Street5 years ago
Read this, went to the store, now enjoying. This rocks. Thanks for sharing! 
 im sitting at the comp eating one, its GREAT!!!!
minimalista5 years ago
They looks GREAT!!
i come from italy and i would like to try them!
But we don't have crescent roll  (or other ready product for this stuff)
there is a fast way to make tha stuff at home?!
like flour water butter or oliven oil yeast... and what more?!
the iron will be able to cook them?!( if i make the fake crescent roll i mean...)

kfr1sby (author)  minimalista5 years ago
If you're asking what you can use other than crescent rolls...you can make a homemade pizza crust and I'm sure it would have close to the same results. I don't have a recipe for homemade pizza crust that I like, but I'm sure you could find something online.
bobert6105 years ago
 i tried to make a couple versions for breakfast with eggs and ham- and with cream cheese and jam Great idea man!
ok now i hate you more lol i  went through 3 tubes of  cresent rolls , i made one like n hour ago lol
dulciquilt5 years ago
 My father used to make our grilled cheese sandwiches in the waffle iron and I loved the extra crunchiness. You can find the old sandwich makers at thrift shops if you don't have a waffle iron. it won't be as flat and crunchy, but you can go ahead and add the sauce before cooing. A Foreman grill would work as well..
 We've seen various sizes of waffle irons at thrift shops, too. Some of the larger ones have griddles that can be removed and flipped so you have a flat surface on top & botton instead of the waffle.
kelman5 years ago
Great idea! I'm going to do this as a cub scout activity! Thanks.
TATTERH00D5 years ago
I've seen cookies made this way too...(then you put Ice Cream in them!)
ian77205 years ago
 I saw this and then went straight from my computer to the grocery store. They were delicious, thanks a lot!
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