I got myself a Wagner Power Painter Max second hand for $8.  It was completely clogged up, but I got it to work after some good cleaning.

Unfortunately the cup for the paint was missing.  I contacted Wagner and the nearest Parts store is about a 1000km away from where I live. $4 Part = $50 Shipping.

So I thought to myself I can make myself a paint cup from an used nuts container.

Step 1: What You Will Need

- Wagner Power Painter
- about 800g Nut container
- drill or sharp utility knife
&quot;I tried to cut a hole into the top of the nut container, but the plastic was too strong for my utility knife. I took my drill out and roughly cut out a hole where the paint head of the Wagner Power Painter would fit through.&quot; <br> <br>Arrrggghhh!!!! You're not allowed to do that! <br> <br>When a material is too hard to cut you're REQUIRED to go to the hardware store and buy a drill press and appropriate sized Forstner drill bit to bore an appropriate sized hole. <br> <br>The handyman secret police have been dispatched to kick in your door in the middle of the night and flog you mercilessly with an industrial strength extension cord.
Ooooooh :) Hmm, now that you are talking about drill presses..... wife..... I need that to drill holes in plastic. :)
ooo. that's a clever fix. good work.

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