Picture of Wago 222 Connector Keychain
Keychain using connector Wago 222 
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
wago 222 connector;
wire cutting plier

Step 2: Cutting The Wire

Picture of Cutting The Wire
Cut the wire according to size of keychain you want.

Step 3: Assembling The Keychain

Picture of Assembling The Keychain
0.6206740463174673IMG_20130716_123103.jpg the connector
2.thread the wire through hole of keys
3.insert the two wire ends to connector holes and close the connector.

To add/remove keys just open connector add/remove a key and close connector
I've never used the connectors before. Can they be undone to remove and add keys?
soul_eater1 year ago
Cool I have some connectors on my workshop I'm going to make one
evernau1 year ago
Super Idee! :-))