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Introduction: Wah Button

Most people who own a Dunlop CryBaby Original wah would probably agree that all in its not only a great pedal for the money ($79) and that its a ton of fun to play around with. The only problem I have run into is that it requires a good amount of pressure to activate and deactivate something that proves difficult while doing fast switches during a song or while playing while seated.. Basically I figured an absolutely free way to fix this problem. This is my first instructable ever and I hope this helps you out!

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

Obviously a cry baby pedal
Glue or duct tape or poster adhesive
A flashlight
and a guitar pick

Step 2: Preparing the Pick

First cut the pick in half using the scissors.
You only need the triangular part of the pick as that will be part of the mechanism.
Then take the poster adhesive and put it on the bottom of the pick

Step 3: Attaching It

So now that you finished the pick attach it to the ON/OFF switch adhesive side down so it sticks to the switch. You might want a flashlight so you can place it accurately the finished product should look like this

Step 4: Finished Product

So now you're done so go rock out and notice how easy it is to switch from on to off... I know its so exciting! and if the pick falls off it takes less than a minute to make so its not a big deal.
So go out and have fun and comment on this and rate if you liked it!



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Or just adjusted the vertical position of the switch itself.

Or just adjusted the vertical position of the switch itself.

This is alright for a temporary fix, but the pedal can be easily modified.
I modified my VOX wah, which has a very similar enclosure, buy removing material from the rubber stoppers. this gives a bit more travel = a bit more wah to play with.
The metal DPDT switch has a nut on both sides of the enclosure, to allow for height adjustment.
personally, i like the switch set low. if it's too high you can easily bump it when your really jumping on the pedal in the middle of a riff.

I agree with these guys.

But I'd rather just stomp on my wah to turn it off and on than make it easy to accidentally do it.

You could have just screwed the switch up a little higher like everyone else and there would be no need of glueing around...

 um... you know that the switch height is adjustable via a nut on the inside of the pedal.. its a simple adjustment that will fix your problem permanently 

Do I understand that the pedal is either badly-designed or badly-constructed? Your simple shimming trick compensates for what the manufacturer should have done better? L

Uhm.. well the pedal itself is fantastic and many famous guitarists including John Frusciante (Chili Peppers), Dave Navarro, Kirk Hammett (Metallica), and Joe Perry (Aerosmith) all use the Cry Baby original, just to name a few. So I guess the construction overall is for the most part very solid aside from the switch.. so I wouldnt go as far as to say that it's poorly constructed seeing as its the best selling pedal on amazon and amazon seems to be a pretty credible source. So in a nutshell no, I wouldn't say it's badly designed. M

But it does work better with a modification. I suppose that I'd actually have to use it to appreciate it - thanks for the reply.