Siduri named after the Sumerian god of happiness and merriment, is a smart coaster for your drinks. It recognizes when a glass is near empty and then glows yellow to alert waiters that you will be in need of a refill soon.

Designed specifically for lounge and club settings, Siduri helps nightlife revelers politely draw the attention of barmaids and helps bartenders to keep the drinks flowing.

The coaster is powered by Ardunio and uses an FSR sensor that recognizes the difference in the weight of a drinking glass. A button located near the base of the coaster allows bar staff to calibrate the coaster to an unlimited amount of drinking glass types into the coaster’s memory. Hidden under the white acrylic top are three surface mount LED’s that breath a soft yellow light when the FSR sensor recognizes when a glass is 3/4 empty. The remaining materials were laser cut out of 1/8” wood to give the coaster a manly, yet classy aged feel.

If you would like to make your own smart coaster, here is how I did it:

Step 1: Materials

All electronic components were purchased from Adafruit. The remaining parts were bought from a local art store. Below are the list of materials that you will need to make Siduri.

1 x Arduino Florabaord
1 x Adafruit Square Force-Sensitive Resistor (FSR)
3 x LED surface mount display RGB pixels
1 x Coin cell battery holder - 6V output with on/off switch
1 x Tactile Button Switch
1 x Resistor 2.7 KOhm

6 x wood
2 x white acrylic
6 x wires
1 x insulating tape
Adhesive backed vinyl

Tools and devices:
1 x laser printer
1 x hot melt glue gun
1 x solder iron
<p>I'm very interested to see how this goes? I looked up the sensor and Ada says &quot;While FSRs can detect weight, they're a bad choice for detecting exactly how many pounds of weight are on them.&quot;??? have you gotten one to work well?. Wonderful idea.</p>
I was thinking you could maybe incorporate a piezo-electric buzzer into it so that it would make a buzzing noise or even a speech sample repeating 'I need a refill' or some similar saying in addition to lighting up
What's your cost per coaster?

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