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Just finished a project to parse and action emails WITHOUT needing the client to be switched on 24/7.

The problem I set out to resolve was that my gym classes get full very quickly and when spaces come available - an email with a clickable link is sent out to everybody on the waiting list; I wanted an automated mechanism to :-

1. switch on client

2. run Outlook

3. open gym email and automatically click link

Solution Summary :-

1. on client computer (Windows 10) install :- Outlook; InboxRULES and bespoke software (parses the gym email and clicks on the "book now" link)

InboxRULES is

2. Use an internet controllable switch to turn the client computer on (a button presser); NB. Windows 10 set to NO ACTION if the power-on switch is depressed while the computer is on;

The switch is a Prota Microbot Push :-

and this is controlled via a Prota hub; although you can buy Prota hubs you can also install the Prota hub software on a Raspberry Pi, and so you just need the software which is from

3. IFTTT is used to check for the gym email that advises that there is space in the class and then start the client computer via instruction to the Microbot Push; here's the "Applet" as they are now called at IFTTT :-

More details/pictures available upon request. I will shortly add the bespoke code which parses the email and invokes "Book me" link.

Cheers. Ian


Swansong (author)2017-03-24

That's a neat setup :)

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