Lively Paper Cat Bookmark You Can Make!





Introduction: Lively Paper Cat Bookmark You Can Make!

A piece of bookmark is always missing when you are reading? Or you may find it is too lonely to read in a silent night?
Try this Wake Me Up paper Cat Bookmark! The kitten can stand by you on the desk next to your book and never go sleep before you do~

Step 1: Print Your Cat Out~

You can save this template and print it out~ 
And then place it on other papers ( like magazine, poster, whatever..)  to cut this shape out.
Please make sure there is color on both sides so that the back and the face of the cat are also beautiful!

Step 2: Cut the Shape

Step 3: Fold It!

Step 4: Stand Up, Cat!



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hello :D is there any specific paper you have to use? What do you prefer? This is so cool btw!

Thanks~! I think the paper is only depends on you~ Not too thin not too thick is okay~ as for this posture, cat always stands easily~!

Um... i really think this is cute.. but how do i get the shape of the kitty bookmark?... sorry i just made this account to find out...

hey~ i add one more step~ you can simply save this template~ and you can adjust it in your own way certainly~ Thanks for your comment~

This is awesomely nice simple stuff!

cute but i think is more a craft than a bookmark...Perhaps modified a with a small cord to keep it in the book else you will loose it easily.

thank you for your advice :D this is my first comment here~ !!

good start then...:)