Wake Up Neo





Introduction: Wake Up Neo

This is an Instructable on how to be like Trinity when she hacked Mr. Anderson's computer.*This is explained for someone who has never used batch or command prompt before.*

Step 1: Its So Colorful

First type
'@ echo off'

Now you have to choose you color. their are many combinations. All things below are combinations.*Remember, first digit is background, second forground.*

0 = Black 8 = Gray
1 = Blue 9 = Light Blue
2 = Green a = Light Green
3 = Aqua b = Light Aqua
4 = Red c = Light Red
5 = Purple d = Light Purple
6 = Yellow e = Light Yellow
7 = White f = Bright White

Try mixing it up a little for cool color combos!

Step 2: W Wa Wak Wake

You have to type the letters in ,for lack of a better term, one at a time like in the pictures.

Step 3: Ping Pong

Next type
'ping localhost -n .5 >nul'
*This tells the computer to pause, I guess, for .5 seconds.*

Step 4: CLEAR ZAP!!!!

Next type
*This clears the screen but don't worry, nothing will be lost. The next line will pop up before the one your viewing leaves.

Step 5: Wake Up Neo... the Matrix Has You....

Their you go, Trinity's hack.



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    I made it but it's moving so fast and before could read the lines it closes.Are there any way to slower the process?(Im using notepad++)


    i got it working but my CMD comes up with windows version......
    user:......... etc etc how can i get it to just come up with the blinking arrow
    like this

    if you type "@echo off" on the very first line it won't be shown :)

    nice guide, u could however make an exra text page where u can can just copy the complete code.
    would make the guide even more easy
    (i'm a bit to layzy to type all of this)

    HELP!!! I'm trying to do this on a Mac OS X, but regardless of what I do, I can't get it to work. Pointers?

    Well, when it comes to Mac OS, the terminal commands are different from Command Prompt commands. These are Linux commands so you will have to find equivalent commands for Unix systems.

    Is there any way possible i could keep the text showing, so when it has said 1 sentence, it keeps it there whilst the other one types... instead of the first sentence disappearing?

    just dont put cls under each one

    sure, u have to retype everything in each line, adding one lettter every line of code

    You could do that. There is something similar you can do with variables: Here is an example: @echo off set message=Wake up Neo echo %message:~0,1% ping localhost -n 2 >nul echo %message:~0,2% ping localhost -n 2 >nul echo %message:~0,3% and so on...

    Does anybody know how to make it FULLY FULL SCREEN? Like in the Matrix? With no taskbar and window and stuff?