Picture of Waldorf Lyra Pencil Holder Wrap
This pencil holder is based on lyra sized pencils (much fatter than regular sized colour pencils). However you could easily adjust the size and use the same technique for regular pencils or even other stationary like pens, textas, paintbrushes ect. The colours I used are specifically matching the waldorf pack of 12 Lyra Ferby pencils. I have just bought some cheap "jumbo pencils" for illustration puposes. 

Step 1: Choosing colours

Picture of Choosing colours
I have chosen colours that correspond with my chosen pack of pencils. The first step is to cut 1.5 inch strips between 14-17 inches long of all the central colours and 2.5 inch strips of the same length of the two end colours (dark brown and lemon yellow). I have made all of my strips different length because I like the almost skyline affect. However this isn't necessary so feel free to make them a uniform length as long as that length is in the 14-17 inch perimeter.

*Note: in second picture the 2.5 inch lemon strip is missing but should be there.
mARThagill (author) 3 years ago
Thanks for the comments guys I appreciate it :D
I agree! The different designs go great together! Nice idea.
ChrysN3 years ago
I love it, it's so pretty and colourful!
I love this. The colors are great. :D