Our master walk-in closet was all white wire shelves. It's not only lack of space for hanging cloth, but also lack of storage we really need. So we wanted to design and build a couple of three cabinet build in units for two sides to solve the problem.

We checked out the home center pre-build units, they are not very budget friendly, plus they are made from particle boards - not our favorite. So we decided to build our own from scratch.

Step 1: Design and Material

We have a 9' x 7' closet with 9' ceiling, and we decided to not make the cabinet to cover from floor all the way to the ceiling, we still wanted to be able to vacuum the carpet in the closet every week, so the cabinets will be hanging from the top to a certain height from the floor. 

I figured everything in my head, but I did draw the rough dimension to show the design. I believe every closet would be different, so if you decide to build your own, most likely you are going to have to resize them to fit your need.

Four of these are double hanging closet and two shelves – as they all have two hanging bars; two of them are just a closet with one bar but three shelves - we don’t have much of longer stuff, so these are narrower with more shelves.

The miter angle cut on the bottom of the side panel is there because of two reasons, one is to avoid straight corner at body level so that we don’t run into it, and two is for static, I think it looks better and the closet will look bigger that way.  

<p>I wanted to let you know you were the basis for our closet renovation. I looked at hundreds of ideas and kept coming back to your page. Thanks for the great inspiration, easy instructions and posting your results! Hubby had ideas of his own, we used dominoes to put together, added a mirror opening with two shoe boxes and wanted to design three walls around an 8 foot ceiling. I love how it turned out! </p>
<p>Good work. Are the 'dominoes' done with the Festool?</p>
<p>Yes, the Festool DF500. </p>
<p>Very nice indeed! Love the space. Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Loved these plans. Good starter project for me. I used 3/4 inch birch plywood, Kreg pilot holes and glue. The stain is &quot;Pecan&quot; by miniwax with polyurethane applied after. Doing the same for my wife's closet. </p>
<p>Love the color, looks great! Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Nice work! </p>
I would but I just don't have time.. Thanks anyways
Hey am in Harford Co MD can you make me a closet just like urs and how much would you charge? Thanks
<p>John, I will take that as a compliment. Thanks for the nice words. </p><p>I believe anyone can do this if one willing to put some effort into it.</p><p>Thanks.</p>
<p>Brilliant!! Have followed this with a few tweaks for larger upper storage, working around a chimney..bolts into cleats and screws through side panels into side walls for added support, helped by being an outside wall of brick.. Currently have 1 side of room hanging, the other side, finishing touches and paint to come. Definetly inspired post..thank you!!</p>
Very nice mod, can't wait to see them all finished! Thanks!
<p>This was a terrific guide, and I joined this site just to post. I pretty much copied this verbatim so I almost didn't post a picture! I did make one big variance, which was to use pre-painted wood (Home Depot finished bookshelves) which also avoided having to cut large boards. Also made sure to leave appropriate room to the ceiling to lift the shelves into place and fit a 3&quot; molding exactly. Awesome, inspiring post - can't thank you enough.</p>
looking great! Thanks for the pictures!
Brilliant!! Have followed this with a few tweeks for larger upper storage..bolts into cleets and screws through side panels into side walls for added support.. Currently have 1 side of room hanging, the other side, finishing touches and paint to come. Definetly inspired post..thank you!!
<p>any issues with the french cleats? I'm about to start a similar project and was thinking I should beef it up with 2x4 blocks on each side of the plywood. I just want to be sure this thing doesn't pull off the wall once the wife starts stacking it up with clothes.</p>
<p>Ours cleats worked perfectly with just plywood. </p><p>The key to the French cleats is to find all wall studs and mount the cleats directly on each studs with cabinet mounting screws that are long enough to go through cleats, drywall and still have a good amount of thread into the studs. </p><p>Should you have any safety concern, I would be agreed to beef up the cleats, and cabinets themselves as well.</p>
<p>Inspirational. Thanks. Do you find that you have issues with dust settling on your hanging items given that they protrude from under the shelves?</p>
<p>Thanks, James,</p><p>Not particularly in this case. Of course we needed primer and good paint to seal the closet walls and ceiling, but the dust will still be there no matter what, and we have not found on any of our shirt that had dust accumulated on one shoulder but not on the other.</p><p>Thanks.</p>
<p>This looks great! Your instructions and photos are easy to understand. I plan to have a similar closet soon!</p>
<p>Thanks! Looking forward to see your final product, please share!</p>
This is a wonderful example of doing it right the first time. I want to come be your apprentice! Great instructable.
Appreciated your encouragement.
Beautifully Done! Love the amount of packing place and hanging place with different lengths of clothing in mind. Would work very well. Thank you for sharing your hard work.
Thanks. <br>We bought a six drawer 31&quot; wide dresser, and place it in the middle against the far wall to complete the closet project. Works quite well.
Neat job
Followed you ideas for a build and topped it off with a forward set rail between two cabinets in the laundry to hang clothes. Real handy fore those no iron shirts.
Great post! Looks great and affordable! I will take this up with the at home comptroller at home.
I've always wanted a custom closet! This would be a perfect project! Thanks for sharing
Thanks for the interest.
Nice work!! Looks great!!

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