Picture of Walk on Water Monster
Monsters can walk over water, everybody knows that. But how do they do it!? It looks so easy for them, but try to do it yourself... Wet feet will be your reward for trying.

The answer to this mystery is in your kitchen drawer. Seriously. When familiar with monster-physics, a six year old kid can do the trick. So you might give it a shot. It will take you 15 minutes and no money.

But first, have a look at the video for monster physics gone bad...

If the video doesn't play, have a look at it here.

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
What you need to make a monster walking on water:

  • One googley eye (hobby store, or practice your surgery skills on a doll)
  • 3 "twist ties" that come with garbage bags (about 15 cm / 6" long)
    (the plastic coated iron wires, that you wrap around a garbage bag to close it...)

  • Paper, markers, scissors and some glue to make a tongue or other enhancements.

Cheezpaper4 years ago
Drop a bit of soap into the water where the monster is floating.


Great idea!

ilpug4 years ago
the little water bugs have microscopic hairs on their feet so they can walk on the water easier. maybe you could put some fuzz on the monsters feet?
ynze (author)  ilpug4 years ago
I tried that, actually. With "hairy iron wire", that I bought in a hobby-supplies store. I don't know how this kind of wire is called in English.

It doesn't work at all, the hairy monster sinks like a rock...
They are called pipe cleaners. This monster doesn't work because the concept is that it floats upon the water's "skin." The same could go for a paper clip that normally sinks.

In Dutch:
Ze heten pijpenragers. Dit monster werkt niet omdat het concept is dat het drijft op het water de "huid." Hetzelfde zou kunnen gaan voor een paperclip die normaal zinkt.
maybe glue pieces of the twist tie on to the feet, so it doesn't sink? I think the fuzziness lets water thru and hasn't enough surface area for it to float. so just something flat glued to the feet will make a furry water walking monster!
ilpug ynze4 years ago
those are called "pipe cleaners" but yea,y i meant like put some glue on the monsters feet and dust some fuzzy stuff onto it.
popoki11784 years ago
Cool! this is awsome!
I built this and it worked! Great job.
ynze (author)  Kaptain Kool4 years ago
Cool! Thanks :-)
happyjo4 years ago
Oh my gosh! This is awesome! :D
ynze (author)  happyjo4 years ago
This one is REALLY easy to make ;)
gaojx4 years ago
that is interesting!
ilpug4 years ago
that "monster" in the last picture isnt just "carrying" the other monster :P nice instructable. random and unique idea!
marcocen4 years ago
now drop a drop of liquid soap in there!
ynze (author)  marcocen4 years ago
star folder4 years ago
I just made one, it worked the first time I set it on the water, and perhaps it had to do with the fact that I made sure the legs all touched the table at once, before trying it on water. I will definitely be doing this with grandkids. Thanks for a great use of the 'twist ties' or 'tie me ups' that I otherwise seldom use. The ones I grabbed have a waxy coating on one side, and paper on the other. My creature has the waxy coating side in contact with the water, which may allow it to remain longer.
ChrysN4 years ago
Very clever!
dewshaft4 years ago
Long ago I learned a trick to floating a pin or paper clip on water. Use a small, flat bit of toilet paper larger than the pin and drop it on the water. Then carefully drop the pin onto the floating tissue. Carefully press the tissue paper down into the water, leaving the pin to float on the surface tension of the water.

This technique may also work in helping your monster float.
hahahippo=)4 years ago
l think the "ties" are called twist ties (at least thats what l call them :)
ynze (author)  hahahippo=)4 years ago
Thanks! That's a comment I was waiting for :-)
_bradylee4 years ago
Awesome. i wanna make one now!
ynze (author)  _bradylee4 years ago
Thnaks. Please do!
_bradylee ynze4 years ago
I made one. I even got it to floart aftee a few tries. maybe you should list that it takes 3 ties? other than that great instructable.
ynze (author)  _bradylee4 years ago
Thanks for debugging the instructable. I updated it. I wish you and your monster a happy time together :-D
bertus52x114 years ago
Nice way to illustrate physics! Well photograhed!
ynze (author)  bertus52x114 years ago
Thnx! The pictures took me _much_ more time than making the monster :-)