Walk quietly with wet shoes- get rid of that annoying squeak

When it rains, sometimes the shoes you wear are rather squeaky inside, on flooring such as lineoleum, which can be ratherr bothersome. But fear not! for there is a cure for your squeaky shoes, in fact several, which can be found in this instructable.
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slippers4564 years ago
 No matter what situation, i used to try to walk quietly without sound because i admit i like to spy. now i naturally walk quietly. i often walk without sound during school to surprise people.
I walk quietly in general. Wet shoes and all. People are always getting freaked out from not noticing any sounds even when I dont mean to creep up on them.
bowmaster5 years ago
I naturally walk quietly wien I have wet shoes. They onlt squeak when I want them too.
ayyyy, nice shoe
3leftturns5 years ago
I usually wipe my feet pretty good, then purposely slide my feet on the floor until the squeak stops. Nice tips!