Walkera Devo 10 Radio Transmitter Deviation Mod - Control Everything!


Introduction: Walkera Devo 10 Radio Transmitter Deviation Mod - Control Everything!

Universal transmitter to control everything! One transmitter to rule them all.

The Devo 10 is a programmable radio transmitter from Walkera. When Deviation is installed with a couple of RF modules, it can almost replace every transmitter for your RTF micro multi-rotors/quadcopters/helicopters and planes. In this video, I show how to mod it with a few parts and flash it with Deviation firmware.

This mod makes the Devo 10 compatible with many protocols including:
Spektrum DSM2/DSMX (Blade/E-Flite)
... more


Walkera DEVO 10http://bit.ly/bgdevo10 (BangGood)

NRF24L01 RF module
http://bit.ly/bgnrf24l01 (BangGood)
http://bit.ly/ebaynrf24l01 (ebay)

A7105 module http://bit.ly/bga7105 (BangGood)

RP-SMA antenna http://bit.ly/bg10dbiantenna

RP-SMA to uFL http://bit.ly/bgrpsmaufl

PCB Board http://bit.ly/bgpcbboard

7pin 2.5mm JST connectors http://bit.ly/eb7pinjst

Software & Documentation:

Deviation firmware (4.0.1)http://deviationtx.com

RC Models supported by Deviation http://bit.ly/rcdeviation

Modules & pinouts https://bitbucket.org/PhracturedBlue/deviation/wi...

How to install modules https://bitbucket.org/PhracturedBlue/deviation/wi...



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    5 Discussions

    Can you add a 3-way toggle switch so you can use one antenna and toggle between modules instead of having three antennas?

    4 replies

    I don't think it's a good idea to do that. I think the other modules are still active when you turn it on. And if you dont' have an antenna active to each module, it'll damage something. I think the 3 antenna's looks cool! People think you're flying something super awesome. hehe

    Well, if you have the toggle set up to only supply power to the module you want to use it shouldn't damage the inactive module. What if it's done that way?

    Well Deviation firmware will complain when the module is not active. You'll get a message about how the A7105 or NRF24 module is missing.

    But if the module is not powered on how will it be detected by deviation firmware? Won't deviation only detect the module that's powered on?