Introduction: Walking Around the Arduino Uno

Picture of Walking Around the Arduino Uno

If you have every wondered what are all those ICs, components, and pins on the Arduino Uno board then this is the Instructable for you! In this video we take a walk around the Arduino Uno and talk about the Atmega 328p chip (Arduino chip) and its supporting cast. If there was anything I missed please share it in the comments.


wegi1 (author)2016-11-30

Really, really good lesson bro.

AhmedEgy (author)2015-11-21

where is the pins used for shields?

ForceTronics (author)AhmedEgy2015-11-21

I don't understand your question. Can you provide more detail?

RubberJesus (author)2015-08-11

Just opened my Uno box and goodies, looking forward to the experience. Thanks for the tour.