Picture of Walking Beam Stirling engine
Walking beam engine78.JPG
I recently decided to build a walking beam engine. I was going to make it out of wood and tin cans, I wasn't sure how it would all fit together so I made a cardboard mock up. The cardboard mock up was pretty strong, so I thought, why not just try and use the cardboard to build it ? This engine is the result.

There is a walking beam Stirling engine kit available on ebay to build a similar engine, have a look here

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Step 1: Cut out and assemble the cardboard base and bricks.

Picture of Cut out and assemble the cardboard base and bricks.
Walking beam engine27.JPG
Walking beam engine29.JPG
Walking beam engine28.JPG
Walking beam engine30.JPG
Walking beam engine32.JPG
Walking beam engine35.JPG
Print out the templates and  check that they are the correct size using the rulers printed on the template. Glue them all to some corrugated cardboard using a glue stick and cut the out using a knife.

I hot melt glued all of the cardboard parts. It should be easy to figure out where the parts go because they are all matching. Stone for the base, bricks for the tower.

Step 2: Glue the beam together

Picture of Glue the beam together
Walking beam engine37.JPG
Walking beam engine38.JPG
Walking beam engine41.JPG
Walking beam engine43.JPG
The "wooden" beam is constructed the same way as the base and the tower. Glue the ribs and the base piece to one of side pieces (the parts that have the white circles on). I just glued the ribs at approximately even spacing.  You'll have to cut some of the card board near one of the bearing holes to allow the connecting rod to pass through.

jkennedy266 months ago
I like aHappy New Year

yes! You can connect a generator motor or a rotary generator and hook up a phone charger to it and charge your phone, A HEAT POWERED CHARGER!!!!!!!!! Sorry I'm twelve and this stuff gets me really exited

offroadan1 year ago

I've been building this for several days but I haven't got it to run. Do you have any debugging tips?

tyeo0984 years ago
Attach that flywheel to something.

Maybe a generator? One of those crawling-leg things?

That would make the Kiteman a very happy camper haha.

Youre generating power, use it!
Could you please explain step 4 a little more clearly. I found it very hard to understand due to the pictures.
janunes654 years ago
Gostei muito vou tentar fazer um igual se conseguir posto aqui.
bllwdcrvr4 years ago
great job on the cardboard mockup
Kiteman4 years ago
I'm disappointed - when I read walking beam engine, I was expecting something more... mobile.

Maybe for your next project...?
Your comments are always a joy to read, Kiteman. lol. Much like your Ibles.

This is an awesome prototype for a more permanent project, scrap. Good design work.
scraptopower (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Lol sorry. The name is kinda misleading, but these engines are called that :)

I think that this is awesome, great job!