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Introduction: Walking Dead Style Zombie Bite Wound Application How To

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Hi there,

Here is a quick and easy guide to applying, painting and removing one of my gelatin bite wounds.

The kits are on sale now on Etsy and eBay ->


Each kit comes complete with 3 different bites, 20ml latex, 15ml gelatin blender &  30ml gel blood. I also include 3 baby buds & 2 small packets of make-up (more than enough to colour the bites). For this application you will need a sponge (house hold is fine but a make-up sponge works better) and a small paint brush.

Step 1: Step 1/ Preparing the Appliances

Carefully peel the paper off the appliance (the edges are very thin so go slow) and place it over the area so you can see the rough size...

If you are applying them on yourself and you want a neck or face bite I've found it's a lot easier if you colour the bite first before you stick it on your skin (just skip ahead to Step 7/ Painting the appliance then come back when your done)...

Step 2: Step 2/ Latex

Some people are allergic to latex, if you are unsure do a quick test by dabbing a small area on the inside of your arm before continuing...

Start by sponging latex over the area you want the appliance to be and on the back of the appliance too...

Step 3: Step 3/ Stick It On

Carefully stick the appliance into place. Make sure none of the edges fold over when you do so.

Step 4: Step 4/ Smooth Down the Edges

Smooth down the edges and then leave it to dry for a few minutes until it goes clear.

Try to resist the urge to use a hair dryer, you might melt the gelatin.

Step 5: Step 5/ Blender

Dip a baby bud in the blender and (working outwards) gently go around the edges of the gelatin appliance blending them into the surrounding skin. Heating up the blender slightly by placing the bottle in a cup of hot water (not boiling obviously) will make it work better.

You may find the edges go white at this point. Just leave it to dry for a few minutes until they go clear again.

Step 6: Step 6/ Seal

Seal over everything by sponging over another layer of latex.

If you are intending to wear them for a long time I would sponge over a couple of layers to ensure it is completely sealed.

Step 7: Step 7/ Painting the Appliance

Paint the inside of the bite with red make-up first, add a little black to give it some depth. Then (carefully) dab a bit of latex over the painted area to seal it again.

After it's dry if you want to get rid of the shine dust over it with a little baby powder.

Step 8: Step 8/ Gel Blood

Add a generous amount of blood gel to the inside of the wound and smear it around and using a sponge, paper towel or just your fingers until it's good and gory...

Step 9: Step 9/ Don't Lick It!

The gel blood I supply in my kits is not edible and will taste pretty bad if you get it in or too close to your mouth. If you need an edible version of the gel blood just get in touch and I'll sort some out for you.

...when you've finished your zombie fun wash everything off with soap and water. A wash cloth or face wipe will help to get the appliances off.



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    HI hope you like the walking dead pics


    After wondering why this looks so real when most other fake wounds look, well, fake, I've realized that making it look wet the way you do, is that missing step toward complete realism. Well done.

    This is just sick! Which is why it's so amazing!! Very well done!