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Hi there!

I have recently had a number of requests from my eBay customers to upload my Zombie make-up tutorials on to Instructables soooo here it is!...

Step 1: Step 1/ Eyes and Hair

Picture of Step 1/ Eyes and Hair

Sallie is wearing the traditional white zombie contacts and we put loads of conditioner in her hair to give her that "I've been dead for a week so my hairs a bit greasy" look...

Step 2: Step 2/ Appliances

Picture of Step 2/ Appliances

We applied some gelatin cheek bones, nose ridge and bite wounds with latex, blended the edges in with gelatin blender and then sealed everything with another layer of latex. See how to do this in next steps...

All the appliances used in this guide can be purchased from Etsy & my eBay shop ->

Step 3: Step 2.1/ Preparing the Appliances

Picture of Step 2.1/ Preparing the Appliances

Carefully peel the paper off the appliance (the edges are very thin so go slow) and place it over the area so you can see the rough size...

If you are applying them on yourself and you want a neck or face bite I've found it's a lot easier if you colour the bite first before you stick it on your skin (just skip ahead to Step 2.7/ Painting the appliance then come back when your done)...

Step 4: Step 2.2/ Latex

Picture of Step 2.2/ Latex

Some people are allergic to latex, if you are unsure do a quick test by dabbing a small area on the inside of your arm before continuing...

Start by sponging latex over the area you want the appliance to be and on the back of the appliance too...

Step 5: Step 2.3/ Stick It On

Picture of Step 2.3/ Stick It On

Carefully stick the appliance into place. Make sure none of the edges fold over when you do so.

Step 6: Step 2.4/ Smooth Down the Edges

Picture of Step 2.4/ Smooth Down the Edges

Smooth down the edges and then leave it to dry for a few minutes until it goes clear.

Try to resist the urge to use a hair dryer, you might melt the gelatin.

Step 7: Step 2.5/ Blender

Picture of Step 2.5/ Blender

Dip a baby bud in the blender and (working outwards) gently go around the edges of the gelatin appliance blending them into the surrounding skin. Heating up the blender slightly by placing the bottle in a cup of hot water (not boiling obviously) will make it work better.

You may find the edges go white at this point. Just leave it to dry for a few minutes until they go clear again.

Step 8: Step 2.6/ Seal

Picture of Step 2.6/ Seal

Seal over everything by sponging over another layer of latex.

If you are intending to wear them for a long time I would sponge over a couple of layers to ensure it is completely sealed.

Step 9: Step 2.7/ Painting the Appliance

Picture of Step 2.7/ Painting the Appliance

Paint the inside of the bite with red make-up first, add a little black to give it some depth. Then (carefully) dab a bit of latex over the painted area to seal it again.

After it's dry if you want to get rid of the shine dust over it with a little baby powder.

Step 10: Step 2.8/ Gel Blood

Picture of Step 2.8/ Gel Blood

If you are doing the full Walking Dead Zombie make-up hold off on the blood until the end, if not then it's time to get gory!

Add a generous amount of gel blood to the inside of the wound and smear it around and using a sponge, paper towel or just your fingers until it's good and gory.

FYI The gel blood I supply in my kits is not edible and will taste pretty bad if you get it in or too close to your mouth. If you need an edible version of the gel blood just get in touch and I'll sort some out for you.

Step 11: Step 3/ Make-up

Picture of Step 3/ Make-up

I'm using basic Snazaroo face paints in this guide but feel free to splash out on proper grease paints if you want. I start with a creamy white base colour, brown shading in the eye sockets and then gave her skin that purple mottled look using a thin brush with a small amount of make-up on it making squiggly lines all over the face.

Although it's not shown (cos we forgot to photograph it) we covered Sallies eyebrows with tissue paper and latex before we applied the make-up. If you're going to do this make sure you apply vaseline to the eyebrows first or it will be difficult to get off again.

Step 12: Step 4/ Stippling

Picture of Step 4/ Stippling

With a cut down brush we flicked layers of watered down white, grey and brown make-up over the whole face to give the skin a bit more depth.

Step 13: Step 5/ Details

Picture of Step 5/ Details

We then went in with more brown and purple around the hair line, eyes, nose and lips. Try not to over do it though you're going for more of a bruised look.

Step 14: Sep 6/ Gore

Picture of Sep 6/ Gore

After colouring the bites with red and black make-up and sealing with a layer of latex we added a little gel blood and stippled that around the surrounding skin.

Step 15: Step 7/ Finishing Touches

Picture of Step 7/ Finishing Touches

Spray over with hair spray to fix the make-up, add little more blood here and there and some Vaseline on the raised parts of the face and on the lips to highlight them and your ready to go get yourself a bite to eat!?

If you want a more dead looking mouth mix up some dark brown food colouring and swill it round your mouth for a minute or two (mixing it with a little juice first will make it taste a bit better)....Sallie bottled out of that bit so her mouth is not as stained as I would have liked ;-)

...when you've finished your zombie fun wash everything off with soap and water. A wash cloth or face wipe will help to get the appliances off.


dawn0143 (author)2016-09-13


ChiquitaB (author)2016-03-11

Wow what a fabulous scary face! Hope I sleep tonight!

tgimages (author)2016-03-10

Nice write up. I've used many similar techniques in doing zombie makeup and you definitely got the techniques down. I even learned something new... covering over the eyebrows with vaseline before applying the latex over them. It's make removing my next alter ego much easier!

KhalifaK (author)2016-03-10

Did you bite the shape? or you did something to do it

Wisedred (author)KhalifaK2016-03-10

She bites it ?

Amaya_Kelly (author)2016-02-25

I'm making a short film and a lot of the younger kids didn't like latex so I melt Vaseline add foundation and voila I have cheap amazing "latex" and it works just the same.

SherpaDoug (author)Amaya_Kelly2016-03-10

Vaseline, cornstarch, and a bit of cocoa powder works well too.

BenR40 made it! (author)2015-11-02

Absolutely superb how to! Followed it to the letter and what a result.. Thank you!!

tilsen.mulalley (author)2014-10-21

Can someone recommend an economical make up kit? I am working on a short film and this is great, but I have no idea where to get a make up kit to go with it...

Lizziefrog (author)2013-08-31

Love this instructable. Is there something you can use instead of the latex to make the appliances and to glue them on?

gazmono (author)Lizziefrog2013-10-22

Hey Lizziefrog, you could use Pros-Aide. It's a skin adhesive (medical grade) that I tend to use when applying prosthetics. It's expensive, but a jar keeps for a good long while if you're careful to recap the jar nice and tight. Google it or go to‎

- BigBadVoodooMama (Wife of Gaz)

bisaacs2 (author)2013-10-21

attention all zombeeites out there on instructables, this is the best make up instruct i have seen on this site. if anyone wants to make one of these instruct follow his style. great job.

abunyan (author)2013-09-20

Ho Hey! I am dressing up as zombie surgeon and instead of buying all the stuff separately I was wondering if you have a pack?

a0000000000 (author)2013-02-19


Allyss (author)2012-10-11

Wow...! This make-up is amazing and I am definitely going to try it out! I have a quick question though. I am from the states but living in Germany and I have NO idea where to find contacts for Halloween this year. Do you have any suggestions of a good (and relatively cheap) place on the internet or otherwise?

Thanks a bunch! I look forward to creating some zombies.

81zombie (author)Allyss2012-10-11

If you need any cheek bone appliances I still have some available from my eBay shop ->

As for cheap coloured contact lenses, Amazon seems to be the best place to go otherwise just google 'white contact lenses' and you'll find what you need ;-)

Allyss (author)81zombie2012-10-23

Hello again,

I realize I am doing this incredibly last minute however, do you by chance still have any of the full kits (as shown above) with cheek bones appliances, bites, blood and stuff? I saw them on ebay and etsy last week but now I am unsure. If so, I will order immediately! :)

Thanks again,

Chase_Ash (author)2012-10-10

This is amazing, after taking a theatrical makeup class I now have a huge interest and respect for the time/effort put in to well done zombie makeup. Or any makeup for that matter! Love your work!

81zombie (author)Chase_Ash2012-10-10

Thank you very much! You can see more of my stuff on my facebook page ->

CaseFace5 (author)2012-10-08

I can only hope my make-up this year looks as realistic as this!

81zombie (author)CaseFace52012-10-08

Thanks dude! The best advise I can give you is practice a couple of times before the big day ;-)

CaseFace5 (author)81zombie2012-10-08

Trust me I plan on it lol :)

hgarmorer (author)2012-09-30

Very cool and not to "over the top". Looks great.

mdeakin (author)2012-09-27

Lol cool two Q's for you are the bites reusable? And do you "profit" more on etsy rather then eBay taking all the money

81zombie (author)mdeakin2012-09-27

If you seal them with 3 or 4 layers of latex and are careful when you remove them they could be reapplied.....and yes eBays fees are ridiculously higher than Etsy.

mdeakin (author)2012-09-27

Your my new fave seller on ebay

81zombie (author)mdeakin2012-09-27

Yay! I am awesome!
Thanks for your support ;-)

ynze (author)2012-09-21

Horrible! Great project!


81zombie (author)ynze2012-09-26


jessyratfink (author)2012-09-20

Wow - so gross. Fantastic job. :D

81zombie (author)jessyratfink2012-09-26

Cheers! :-D

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-09-20

That is really creepy! I think the bite on the cheek is what really gets me!

HeHee! More coming soon ;-)

Seeing Things (author)2012-09-26

Oh, I do love a good Zombie makeup job...fantastic!!

81zombie (author)Seeing Things2012-09-26

Thanks! I've got a few more in the pipe line so watch this space ;-)

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