This is a zombie cake I made based on a zombie/walker from AMC's The Walking Dead. I modeled it after one of Greg Nicotero's walker cameos. It is all cake, covered in fondant and hand painted.
I used 4 box cake mixes, altered using this WASC recipe:
White Almond Sour Cream (WASC) Cake
Dry Ingredients:
1 box mix
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour
1/8 tsp salt

Wet Ingredients:
1 cup sour cream
1 cup water
3 large eggs
1 tbsp flavoring extract
Pre-heat oven to 300.
Thoroughly mix dry ingredients in large bowl. In large mixer bowl combine wet ingredients. Put 1/2 of the dry mixture into the mixer bowl with the wet ingredients and mix on medium until all ingredients in bowl are wet (will still be a little lumpy.) I use the whisk beater on the mixer. Then add in the rest of the dry mix and mix on medium-high until well mixed and no lumps, about 2 minutes, scraping the sides of the bowl once or twice. Pour into prepared pans. I like to brush my pans with a mixture of equal parts shortening, canola oil and flour.
Bake at 300 for 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of the cake, then turn the oven up to 325 and bake for an equal amount of time.
I made two 9"x13" cakes and four 8" round cakes.
I used homemade marshmallow fondant using Elizabeth Marek's recipe, which can be found here:

Step 1: Stacking the Cakes

Once you have all the cakes baked and leveled, it's time to begin stacking.

First, cut both 9"x13" cakes length-wise, the round off the corners of 3 of the pieces. Then stack them on a foil-covered cake board, alternating with icing in between the layers. With the 4th piece that didn't get the corners rounded, cut off about a 3" section and set aside. Next, stack the larger piece on top of the 3 layers that were just stacked.

Next, begin stacking the round layers on top of this, slightly off-center. Stack 3 of the 8" rounds. Take the 4th 8" round and cut it in half and apply it to one side of the stacked cakes as shown, using a small portion taken from the 3" section you cut from the long cake, using icing, to give added support. This side will be the back of the cake.

Now, cut a wooden cake dowel about 1.5" shorter than your stacked cakes and sharpen one end with a pencil sharpener and then smooth the edges using fine grit sandpaper. Next, push the dowel down through the top of the stacked cakes and into the cardboard cake board. This will add extra support and help keep everything together.
I'm making this for my orthopedic surgeon that put me back together. We discuss The Walking Dead before we discuss what's going in with me!!
<p>this is one of the best cakes i have ever made thank you</p>
Hi, amazing cake, I was just wondering what size cup you used and what box mix you used; thank you so much! Wonderful cake
Hello there! Thank you!<br><br>I use the Duncan Hines&reg; Signature box mix and the cup I use is just a regular 1 cup measuring cup.<br><br>Thanks again! :)<br>T. Chitwood
Thank you very much!
<p>OMG so scary cake </p>
That is amazing!
The walking dead is a great show well my favorite show. I'm 12 and love baking and making sweets but there is no way I could ever do that great of a job on a cake
<p>I fall . I try making this didn't look right. but the cake was good. lol</p>
<p>I am 14 and dream of one day being a baker or pastry chef. You have amazing skills and I dream of one day being as talented as you. You inspire me to learn more and more, so I just wanted to thank you for doing this.</p>
<p>this is amazing</p>
Thank you so much! :)
this is fantastic
Thank you so much! :)
so cool!
Thank you! :)
Thank you! :)<br>
No way! This is a truly awesome cake!
Thank you! It was mighty delicious too. :)
amazing :)
Thank you so much!!! :)
crazy! great :)
Thank you!! :)
Great job. I love The Walking Dead.
Thank you! :)
OMG that is amazing if somone was to reveal that at my birthday I would flip!
Thank you! :) It was sitting in the refrigerator all week so was a nice sight upon opening the door every time. Brought it to a friends gathering and we ate his cake brains. :)
Your cakes are amazing!!
Thank you so much! :)
Great Job.... My Family Lobes Four toturial also . You are an Artist . Hard to get this stuff here in Germany to Build a cake like that
Thank you! :)
If you can reply to me as we'll, that would be nice
Ew. Zombie. I hate the walking dead. But u know what? You did a great job, and your sculpting skills are amazing. Keep on working with it. By the way, I have a request. If you could make an amy rose cake full body, and send it to me, that would be amazing. Thanks!
Thank you so much! An Amy Rose cake would be fun to make for sure. :)
It made me jump when i saw it, great job!
Thank you!! :)
I envy your sculpting skills. This is a piece of art! <br>
Thank you!!! :) One day I'm going to try my hand at making masks and face pieces, like on SyFy's show, Face Off.
Fabulous artwork - your talented for sure.
Thank you so much! :)
Amazing! When I saw it I thought I'll make this for my dtr bday (she loves walking dead). But it's way above my skill level. Awesome job.
Thank you! You should go for it! Great thing about zombies is that they can be malformed and have rough fondant work and still look great. :) Mine did not come out looking like I'd hoped much at all but it's still a gross zombie!
Thank you! :) He's sitting in the refrigerator right now waiting to greet anyone who opens the door. Think I'm going to cut into him and eat HIS brains this weekend!
This looks really cool and the ingredients look delicious. But I don't think I could stomach eating the final product. Thanks for posting.

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