Picture of Walking Duck Toy
Toddlers LOVE toys that they can push around the house. Here's how to make a cute duck to keep them entertained!
I made mine at

some two inch thick lumber, I used some scraps of 2x6 that I had lying around.
some large wooden dowel for the handle. I used 7/8" diameter.
some small wooden dowel for the axle. I used 1/2" diameter.
some leather or rubber scraps for the feet.

Jigsaw or bandsaw
Drill press
drill bit the same size as your large dowel (forstner bit recommended)
drill bit the same size as your axle dowel
drill bit slightly larger than your axle dowel
compass to draw circles for the wheels
non-toxic paint
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Step 1: Sketch and cut out the pieces of the duck

Picture of Sketch and cut out the pieces of the duck
Sketch out the body, head, and wheels of the duck.

For aesthetic purposes I prefer the material of the wheels to be around 2/3rds the thickness of the body of the duck. If you're using the same raw material for both, now is the time to plane down the thickness.

The head and body need to have flat pieces where they will touch so that they can be securely glued, but the rest of the design can be free-handed.

When you're satisfied with the outline of your pieces, cut them out using a band saw. Leave a little bit of extra material around the outside of the wheels in anticipation of the next step.
rrixwan1 year ago
cool. love it

I love these! My grandma had one that was a Loon!

hunter9991 year ago

Nice job! The shape of the duck is great, I might build this sometime :-)

golond (author)  hunter9991 year ago


No problem :-)