Introduction: Walking Figure Pendant

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You will need some1/8" diameter copper wire, some pliers, a hammer, and some thread. With these I will show you how to make a cool, easy pendant with copper.

Step 1: Bending

Picture of Bending

Make a loop in the copper wire using the pliers.

Step 2: Bending Some More

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Take the other end of the wire, and using the pliers, bend it back to the loop.

Step 3: Wrapping

Picture of Wrapping

Take the remainder of the wire from the larger loop and wrap it once around the straight part of the copper.

Step 4: Hammering

Picture of Hammering

Put the figure on an anvil and hit it with a hammer until the side of it is some what flat.

Step 5: Tying

Picture of Tying

Use a piece of thread to tie a barrel knot through the head of the figure.

Step 6: Finished

Picture of Finished

This is what your pendant should look like.


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