Introduction: Little Ole Sparky!

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This a nice little model to give to someone to show them just who you feel about them. It's the small things that say the most and this one screams this one for you. Place in a Halloween card to say how much you care. Have fun in so many ways.

Step 1: Download

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Download and import the .ai file into your laser software, select all and make it 52.8009 mm x 74.8636 mm if it's not already. you should have two layers. The file is designed for 3 mm material, and if use anything else you will have to modtify the scale to make it work.

Step 2: Chair Assembly

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Use a toothpick to put glue in the holes,and place chair back first, it should only go one way since the holes are different widths. Next glue the seat in place, take a close look on how to glue in the front legs. Place the arm rest in place, and this part is done.

Step 3: Electrifying!

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Find the small restraints an glue them in place as shown, be careful they are very fragile. Attach junction box and long pole to back of chair as shown.

Step 4: Skull Cap

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Use the large oval and the two pieces of the split oval and glue as shown to form the headpiece. Take a small scarp from the chair back and glue it to the headpiece.

Step 5: Your Done..

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Glue the headpiece to the tall poll and your to strike some fear to those nasty little exoskeletons creatures. Make several and place them around a tiny table and ring the dinner bell. Put several in a row with a sign free salon treatments. You come up with some cool ideas and post some photo, have fun and as always keep making.


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