Picture of Wall Art 3D

Double Tetrahedron Origami

Inspired from the origami videos and 3d art, this wall art was made.

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Step 1:

Picture of

I just used a color card stock paper, cut in square.

White lines mark the creases. folding this paper was not easy as they crease easily rather than origami papers, but they felt lot sturdier.

Step 2:

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this video has the better explanation of the process.

Enjoy and Happy decorating.

BuKatDesign9 months ago

Love this! Must try this!

Robinrific10 months ago
leah128910 months ago
Oh wait Nevermind I understand now
leah128910 months ago
It would be less confusing if you could explain it, but they are so beautiful can't wait to make them
nobunagaorg10 months ago
It's cool !
brandt e10 months ago
Great idea! Are those the origami "talkers" as I've seen them called?
deepta (author)  brandt e10 months ago

this name makes more sense!

judiejo10 months ago

great, but how do you stick them on the wall

deepta (author)  judiejo10 months ago

i used white glue to stick or arrange them on a paper and used double side tape to the wall... the weight is still holding up!

speedysami 10 months ago
hey deepti how do you stick it to the wall.? do you use glue tack?
deepta (author)  speedysami 10 months ago

the point of contact are only the edges so i whited glued them to a cardstock. And then double taped them to the wall..

I'm obsessed with triangles! this is just perfect, love the colors :)

deepta (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz10 months ago

yes there are infinite arrangement possibilities with this shape , thanks!

How beautiful is that :), thank you for sharing.

TCGames10 months ago

That looks awesome! Great work :)!

deepta (author) 10 months ago

am all pumped up! you guys are encouraging! thanks a lot

deepta (author)  CommanderCookie10 months ago


Dana6810 months ago
looks great
deepta (author)  Dana6810 months ago