Picture of Wall Art/drop leaf table
drop leaf table close up top.jpg
drop leaf table brackets closed.jpg
drop leaf table brackets.jpg
drop leaf table hinges.jpg
drop leaf table level 2.jpg
drop leaf table level 3.jpg
drop leaf table level.jpg
drop leaf table w mug n bowl.jpg
drop leaf table up with food close up.jpg
drop leaf table up with food.jpg
drop leaf table up with stool.jpg
drop leaf table down with stool.jpg
Practical art has been a goal of mine for awhile. So when I recently moved into a small apartment and wanted to save space everywhere I could I decided to create a drop leaf breakfast table out of a large piece of wood I painted an image of Marvin the Martian on a few years back. Looking at the sequence of pictures will show you how I basically added wood pieces and hinges to hold art piece in place and attach supporting shelf brackets that close underneath when not in use.

Love Marvin! wish I was an artist, can do pretty much anything else but drawing has always escaped me :D

rhernand64 (author)  woodland sprite1 year ago

Thanks for the comments. :)