Picture of Wall Bed
13, 4:13 PM.jpg
13, 4:13 PM.jpg
I decided to make a wall bed (Murphy bed) to save space and double as an office. This is for a full size bed.
2x8 - 12 ft (If I did it again I would have gotten 2x10)
2x4 - 10 ft
8in gate hinges - 2
Size 14 screws for gate - 8
Size 14 bolts and nuts - 2
3" screws
A full size bunk bed frame
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Step 1: Cut Board And Drill To Wall

Picture of Cut Board And Drill To Wall
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Cut the 2x8 into 2 60" pieces. Drill them together and cut two more pieces to make supports. Then drill the back to the wall

Step 2: Drill Hinges On

Picture of Drill Hinges On
Drill the hinges onto the 60" 2x4 first then onto the base.

Step 3: Attaching The Frame

So here is where I drilled the bolt into the 2x4 to attach the frame. If I would have gotten a 2x10 instead of 2x8 I could have had the 2x4 lay horizontal when the bed is laid down. Then I could have drilled the bolt through the thin part of the board. Instead I had to drill a hole in the middle of the board so I could get the nut on the bolt.

Step 4: Attach The Feet

Just drill a hole and bolt on

Step 5: The Mattress

Picture of The Mattress
13, 4:13 PM.jpg
13, 4:13 PM.jpg
Put the bed on and test it out. Then you need something to hold it while it's up. I chose bungee cords.
Jumper4355 months ago

I love your idea a lot, I need to know what that metal bar bed frame is, likwe what is it called? the metal base. Where can I get one like yours what should i look up online for the metal bar base frame?

mass37 (author)  Jumper4355 months ago
Hi jumper435,
The base was actually the bottom of a bunk bed that had a full size frame on bottom and twin on top. I bought the whole bunk bed from a furniture store.

You could also build a wood frame or maybe some plumbing pipes that can be screwed together.

Best of luck!
hakuna matata6 months ago
Simple n clear I like this idea
Nice job! Awesome space saving idea :)