Picture of Wall Binary Clock (80 LEDs)
ceas binar perete3.jpg
ceas binar perete2.jpg
A real time Wall Binary Clock.
80 LEDs + Microchip PIC16F876A + DS1307 (RTC)
rmeyerf3 years ago
and ????

the schematic and pcb?

please can you publish?
snarcis (author)  rmeyerf3 years ago
of course... I will publish it very soon... I'm working on it... :)

Very soon?

suli2 years ago
that you can get somewhere to buy?
ron.v3 years ago
this one is the nicest i have seen around. gj mate!
Pyrossian3 years ago
Please post the step-by-step! From what I can find on the interweb, yours is the most beautiful! Do share this with the world :)
neologik3 years ago

when will the instructable be done?...
i mean, the step by step?

Kiteman3 years ago
That's a nice piece - any chance of a step-by-step?
snarcis (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
Well, it was made some time ago ... and I don't have pictures during construction. But I will try to write something (soon) about how could be done one of this. :D
rmeyerf snarcis3 years ago
Kiteman snarcis3 years ago