Wall CLOCK From Old Hard Drives





Introduction: Wall CLOCK From Old Hard Drives

Here's Instructable on how to recycle old computer Hard Drives into very original looking WALL CLOCK.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

Tools that you will need for this project are:

1. Drill - I would suggest small DREMEL type drill with bench press.
2. Some Drill bits
3. Kit of Screwdrivers, type and gauge of screwdrivers may vary depending on Hard Drives you use.
4. Small Pliers


1. Old computer hard drives, preferably 3.5 inch. The more you can source the better.
For this particular project I used 12.
2. Standard basic quartz clock movement, you can buy this at local electronics shop such as Maplin in UK, or butcher some other wall clock. For this project I have chosen to buy part as it only cost 2.99GBP

Step 2: Disassembling Hard Drives

First of all you have to undo screws as shown in picture below, after that you'll be able to remove one or two shiny disks (platters) and some thick aluminum washers.

Underneath you'll find Hard Drive Motor, this usually attached to HDD case using 3 screws.
You can also disassemble Actuator Mechanism, there are 2 very powerful magnets for your future projects.

Step 3: Assembly

First of all you have to assemble solid base, for this I have chosen to use Hard Drive Motors.
Join the motors as shown in the pictures to form desired shape of your clock.
I have created a circle, since it's most common shape of the wall clock.

To create the "face" of my clock I have used aluminum washers or spacers that separate hard drive platters. To join them you'll need drill press and small gauge drill bits.
So, hole in each washer and join them using small self-drilling screw as shown in the picture.
The rest is in your hands, create shapes you like, use as many rings as you have, the more you use For my clock I have chosen actually reflect HOURS using rings. For 3AM/PM I've used 3 rings, for 6AM/PM 6 rings and so on....

Step 4: Fitting Quartz Clock Movement

To attach QUARTZ CLOCK MOVEMENT I have used hot glue. Of course before sticking anything into place you have to measure things accordingly.
I have also sprayed quartz movement with silver car paint...

Step 5: Finishing Touches and Setting TIME

The last thing you have to do is attach clock arms and set the TIME :)




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    How big is this overall as your pictures make it look really big?

    They are 3 phaze synchronous motors, i'm tryin' to bring them to life too... Sorry for my bad english.

    Do the remnants of the hard drive revolve? And can they be connected somehow?

    I think it's a bit too optimistic to ask for remnants to revolve :)
    I actually had a few ideas to use hard drive motors, but unfortunately I can't figure out proper wiring for them... They have 4 connections, and it isn't like a standard motor...

    Tks for the reply. I was thinking that some kind of belt to turn all drives together, not electrically. 
    I guess you'd need a power source for the belt. But can you imagine how cool that would look  ...


    that would look awesome !

    Does anyone know if a hard drive motor is a stepper motor running on 5V?
    It sounds like an arduino project could send signals to run a hard drive motor as the clock motor.

    A Hard Drive moter has your power and speed, and a sensor for the speed. That is why there are 4 connections.

    2 are pos and neg power. i think 1 is sensor and other 1 is speed. I asume dont take my word for it.

    Hahaha it is not crazy, it is unusual but very original and cool.