A cool way to reuse a calendar and make a holder for your cell phone to charge in. Takes 15 min. in front of the TV :)

Step 1: Accessories for the Project

-Pocket Calendars
(like the one you get in your stocking stuffer every year and you didn't know what to do with it... before now that is (for those who still uses those, take the one from the previous year)
-Piece of cardboard (to fit inside)
-Embroidery Needle and thread
-Scissors or exacto knife
Let me know if there is any improvement I can do to my instructable as it's my first one and would love to get feed back :)
instructable is great :] pictures are perfect and step are simple and imformative <br><br>:P amazing idea! making myself one now!!! Do you think cardboard would work? If i cut the hole so it rests on the box of the charger?
You can definitely try to cut the whole bigger to put it on the head of the charger but my first instinct would be that it weight of the phone might force pull your charger out of the socket (ah gravity!). <br>If you plan to do the whole thing out of cardboard you might find it hard to put your phone in the sleeve except if it's really thin like a cereal box. <br>I was just looking at some cool stuff made out of bike inner tubs, I'm sure you could make this with it. <br>Enjoy :)
Dude SWEET idea!<br />
I've seen a commercial version of this and like how this one is easy to make on its own.
I could use one of those! I'll go search around now...

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