I ended up making another Christmas light ball for My Mother this week.  While creating the ball I remember seeing somewhere, (no Pintrest back then) a spider made from half a Christmas light ball.  So I took this idea and ran with it.  Now this was a work and wait project because I had to figure out each step as I went.  If one thing didn’t work, then, I would stop and think and try something else.  This also means that everything I ended up using did not make it on the supply list photo.  Sorry about that.  Finally I got it done and hanging on the side gate.  I think it turned out pretty good.

Step 1:

25 9 oz. clear Solo cups (they need to be very bell shaped, $4 a package of 40)
+/- 75 1 inch brass fasteners (we use to call them brads, $4 a package of 100)
6 - 1 ½ inch brass fasteners (same as above)
Lid from a 5 gallon bucket (found on the floor of my store room)
String of 50 orange Halloween lights (+/- $4 a string)
1 -5.5 inch Tap light with batteries (+/- $2.00 each)
5 wire coat hangers (free from the people who clean my Hubby’s work clothes)
Duct tape ($4 a roll)
2 – 10 foot long pieces grey foam pipe wraps (+/- $2 each)
Box knife
Soldering iron with ½ inch tip (have had it a long time)
E6000 glue
8 clamps
<p>Love your spider!</p>
The not so itsy bitsy spider climbing up the wall ... :-D
Super cute! :D

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