Picture of Wall Climbing Spider
Spider 43.JPG
Spider 42.JPG
I ended up making another Christmas light ball for My Mother this week.  While creating the ball I remember seeing somewhere, (no Pintrest back then) a spider made from half a Christmas light ball.  So I took this idea and ran with it.  Now this was a work and wait project because I had to figure out each step as I went.  If one thing didn’t work, then, I would stop and think and try something else.  This also means that everything I ended up using did not make it on the supply list photo.  Sorry about that.  Finally I got it done and hanging on the side gate.  I think it turned out pretty good.
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Step 1:

Picture of
25 9 oz. clear Solo cups (they need to be very bell shaped, $4 a package of 40)
+/- 75 1 inch brass fasteners (we use to call them brads, $4 a package of 100)
6 - 1 ½ inch brass fasteners (same as above)
Lid from a 5 gallon bucket (found on the floor of my store room)
String of 50 orange Halloween lights (+/- $4 a string)
1 -5.5 inch Tap light with batteries (+/- $2.00 each)
5 wire coat hangers (free from the people who clean my Hubby’s work clothes)
Duct tape ($4 a roll)
2 – 10 foot long pieces grey foam pipe wraps (+/- $2 each)
Box knife
Soldering iron with ½ inch tip (have had it a long time)
E6000 glue
8 clamps

Step 2:

Picture of
This is the type of cup we need to make the body of the spider.

Step 3:

Picture of
spider 3.JPG
spider 4.JPG
I heated up the soldering iron and used it to melt a half inch hole into the bottom of each of the 25 cups.  I used the soldering iron to kind of ream out the hole. I let them cool then I used a box knife to chip away some of the excess plastic left from the melting process.
as92 years ago
shazni2 years ago
The not so itsy bitsy spider climbing up the wall ... :-D
Super cute! :D