Step 6: First Bend

Picture of First Bend

Let's do the first bend.

(1) Mark bending point:
Tear off a small piece of masking tape and put a mark on it. Use your ruler to find the half-way point on the tube (should be at 5 inches). Place the mark on the tape at that point. This will be the bending point. (PIC 6-1)

(2) Bend:
Place the tube on top of the bending tool so the masking tape mark lines up with the manufacturing line on the tee. Make sure the copper wire does not protrude from either of the ends of the tube. You may want to use your pinky fingers to hold the wire in place while you start the bend. (PIC 6-2) Now push the tube down slowly while applying even pressure to both sides of the tube until it forms a "U". (PIC 6-3, PIC 6-4)

(3) Check:
Remove the tube and check to make sure the ends are close to even, and the copper wire does not protrude from the ends. (PIC 6-5) If so, you're done. If not, (for example: you sneezed while bending) you'll need to unbend the "U" by hand, go back to Step 2 to straighten the wire, and give it another go. (PIC 6-6)