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Introduction: Wall Decal, Spray

This is a wall decal Instruction, you will need: 1 Spray can (any colour), Knife, Printer, Pc, Sticky Tape, and cardboard. DO NOT TRY IF YOU ARE TOO YOUNG OR YOU NOT WISH TO CUT YOUR FINGERS! so please watch out!

Step 1: Print, Layout

First: choose an image(try to do a collage in your graphiscs programm with a photo of your room to preview how it would look). Scale the image to your wished size(Measure your wall and make the image that big) Print the image with many A4 papers.

Step 2: A4

Lay out the A4 papers on your cardboard and stick them on it with stickytape

Step 3: Should Like Like This

Should like like this:

Step 4: Cut the Print

Lay a secound or third cardboard to protect your floor, cut out the black parts of the print:

Step 5: Cut

Like this(be accurate! and try to get the curves round NOT edgy):

Step 6: Stick on the Wall

Stick the cutted cardboard on the wall:

Step 7: Spray It

Spray it:

Step 8: Et Voilà

Wait few secounds(or min) until the spray gets dry and then remove the cardboard:
Et voilà:



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    i might do this with the death prof thing on my car hood

    Is that Hara Hara Haruko? ;p A fellow FLCL fan x3

    1 reply

    That doesn't look pretty.

    I use this same technique and make my own t-shirt designs. It works great and the color holds well. Great Job!

    Hrmm... seems the best bet to eliminate underspray is to use a thinner materiel, like freezer paper. As an addendum, you can use spray mastic (available at most craft stores) to get the pattern to stick to the wall. Most of these leave no real residue when you are done either. Great instructable, time to get creative. ~C

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    Contact Paper... its a big sticker with a weak adhesive. Not only does it completely eliminate the underspray, the tape, the pain the butt cutting of the cardboard... and its dirt cheap. You can get it in the house wares section at walmart

    PS: Using soemthing like freezer paper would also allow you to use scissors to do the fine edging and give you a smoother more rounded look to the curves. ~C

    this is not a decal.


    Seems like a good point to mention rasturbator--program for taking small images and making them really, really large. Probably work well for these types of prints. Try:


    the UNDERSPRAY isnt the problem, its the jaggie lines that make it unatractive

    spray anhiseve is better

    Nice, what graphics program do you recommend?

    very, very cool, I want to try!

    this is good.. but its not a good stencil and you smudged it to make it look like it is.. stencils shouldnt have island in them (like the headlight).. when you spray it the headlight should be missing.. unless its a 2 layerd stencil. The final product was photoshoped to look like it works. This is a great tut for other stencils w/o islands stencilrevolution !!!

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    Since when can stencils not have islands? It looks like the headlight circle was placed on the wall between steps 6 and 7. Even so, there are ways to make stencils with islands, especially with cardboard. I've made a few before and they've been strong enough to last a few late night trips out on the streets.

    im talking about a full island... like nothing connecting it.
    last pic does look edited (altho i still really like this instructable)

    cut the circle out around this to make a stencil
    if you can do that and still have the aphex logo in one stencil plz post.. but i dont think you can. you could make to stencils... one the logo and one that circle and have it work.

    i do like this one tho! im just saying that a different stencil would work perfectly

    Depends on your definition of an island. If you mean that the stencil literally having an island with no connection, then that's impossible. But if you want a technique that can deliver the effect of an island, which is really the point, then that's easily done. When I get back on Monday I'll make one. They're really simple.