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Several years ago, my father left a coin collection to my sister and myself.  We discussed what to do with this collection and both agreed that we wanted to take a representative sampling of it and find a cool way to display it.  I made it my mission to create something to do just that.  I wanted to give it to her as a Christmas gift.  I have since made several different versions of this display, including a type set, state quarters, Lincoln bicentennial pennies, and the Westward Journey nickels.  Most of the photos are for the State Quarters display.

Step 1: - Tools and Supplies Needed

Tools Needed:

Pencil and Paper (Graph paper is very helpful)
Xacto knife or some other cutting tool
Sponge Paintbrush
Computer / Printer

Materials Needed:

Display Board (I used a plaque from a local trophy shop)
2 sided adhesive (I also got this from my local trophy shop)
Adhesive Backed Printer Paper
Small Craft Wood Pieces
Air-Tite Plastic Coin Holders (I found these on Ebay)
<p>This is a beautiful way to display these painted coins - they look beautiful this way - good job!</p><p>But a word of caution ... wood ad the chemicals used to preserve the wood give off gases. If you are going to store coins with original luster on them (note that - painted coins likely will have no observable damage), toning may occur and, if a valuable coin, its loss of original luster will devalue the coin. Only if you can make sure the coin is in an airtight container will there be no deterioration/toning.</p>
Great looking coin display!
Thank you very much!

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