Step 6: Programming

To program Wall-E, a controller known as EZ-Robot Bluetooth Controller v3 was used.

Servos, LEDs, and Speaker were assigned to ports on the controller and were then wirelessly controlled by a USB joystick connected to a laptop.

Functions include:
1. Arms moving forward and back
2. Arms rotating 180* up and down
3. Neck moving up and down
4. Tracks moving individually
5. Wall-E speaking speaker tones
6. Lights turning on in the eyes 
7. Light turning on the box

P.S. Wall-E can also be controlled by a microphone (voice recognition -- tested with positive results)

The second image is of how my programming looks like. The first command moves the servo to the given position and second command moves the servo back to another position. For example, the track servo is at 35* (stable) when you press the button, it moves to 70* (left) and when you stop pressing the button, it moves to 35*.

A + X = forward, B + Y = reverse, X + Y = left, A + B = right, RT = Neck down, LB = Left Arm, RB = Right Arm, LT = Arms forward
You should say more about the project in the intro, like why you made it, how long it took, if you encountered any strange problems, etc. <br /> <br />People like to know these things, especially for such an awesome project.
thanks for the advice, i have uploaded more info and pictures <br> <br>vote for me for all the competition
hii. i loved your project so much<br>actually i was also planning to make one but the problem is that my arduino broked so can you please help me to make a wall e with voice recognization
very well designed, great project
Your Wall-E rocks
love the Wall-E <br>great job on the animations
looks like you worked really hard for this
nice job, i would love to see this in aluminum
it must have taken a lot of hard work, great job
go Wall-E <br> <br>great job
this thing is frickin awesome, great job
great project
above the influence, bye bye arduino
finally, something original
man, you really gave it all you got
love the idea
the squirrels in the park better watch out
love the animations
those are some great animations <br> <br>well detailed

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