Step 46:

Weathered detail of Wall-E and ping sonar eyes
This is terrific! I love Wall-E!
nice project. i love this robot. can wall e program with arduino??
How much money I make is a robot. <br>Think how the robot is capable of speaking skills <br>Please tell me sir <br>Teach me the way sir
what you could do is place some cameras in the eyes so u can see what wall-e sees.
<strong>Anthony312:</strong> i could have and that would have been cool, BUT, I decided to insert Ping ultra sonic sensors instead as I though collision avoidance would be better option. Thanks for you interest.<br/>
ok i can understand that. But i saw these cool cameras that would fit in wall-e's eyes and still leave room for motors and wires and stuff. they're only 0.3 in. by 0.3 in. by 0.4 in. And when i watched some wall-e videos closely, i found out that the lense part of wall-e is hollow, which means it can be use for zoom and focus. this also helps when wall-e has to turn into a cube.
That would be cool also, but I had no room left after installing the Blue LEDs and ping sensors.
oh...ok then. but im going to build my own wall-e robot, and im going to use cameras (and if there's room ill even do that LED and sensor thing like you did) and it will have one special feature that no other wall-e robot (that ive seen so far) has ... it can turn into a cube!
though im working on how he would be able to compact trash (thats for later).
I hope you put up an instructable for it! Good luck making him roll up into a cube, that seems really hard. For the trash compacter thing, simply put metal squares on pistons inside of him, then when you put the trash inside of him, you could activate the pistons, and he would compact the garbage. Just a brainstorm.
<strong>CapnTac:</strong> It will be harder than he thinks, With all my electronics,motors,servos and batteries you could not fit a fly in there.<br/>
I know exactly how hard this build is going to be. I am well aware of the space effiency of wall-e too. The reason you have no room is the size of your motors and servos and maybe even the electronics. They make smaller motors you know. and why do u need that huge gearbox attached to your motors when you can just connect the motor directly to the mattracks without the gears. and you can use a smaller recorder for wall-e's speach. When i examined wall-e the eyes only take about as much room as the bottom of the solar charge level screen up, and the tracks take as much room as the hollow trash compactor inside wall-e, which happens to start from the bottom of the solar charge level screen down. And his eyes are not as wide as the entire of wall-e itself, as a matter of fact it is 2 wall-e arm widths smaller. so as far as i can tell, wall-e turning in and out of a cube is plausable. There is even room for the solar pannels (they can replace the battery if you charge up long enough) and one or two small microchips fit (you can use 1 for speech and 1 for charge-up panal).
WoW I just read all your comments, I am working side buy side with 4mem8 on this project as he has built him and I'm doing the programming for it. Just a little FYI for you, there is alot more to this than just adding a few micro chips. plus 4mem8 had used those gearbox motors for torque issues being that the Wall-E is not that light. Even if we use SMD's to make all our boards there still will not be enough room to box him up. CGA is a great thing to play with but in real life the physic just arn't there for that to happen. But I hope you do find a way to make it as I will be looking out for a wall-e that can move around it surondings and then box its self up. Good Luck Jax
Anthony312. You have to realize one thing that is stated in the opening section on Wall-E, This robot has a criteria, And that is he had to be made with minimum bought parts, That is anything I could find around my basement, the only things I had to buy were the Mattracks, Lm 298 motor controller, some fast recovery diode's the rest I had around my workshop. Yes I could have bought SM boards and made it smaller, You cannot emit the gearbox's it would not work, You have to have torque to move this sucker. One of the reason's it won first place here and first place on Trossen robotics probably was due to the fact that it was basicaly home made and NOT from of the shelf parts. GWJax Thank you for chiming in here to explain to Anthony 312 the process of Wall-E.
no problem 4mem8 I hope he does make one that will box up, I guess if you enlarge it enough you might beable to do this but the tracks must also reform them selfs. A very hard project even for the best. Jax
I know about the reforming tracks problem too. My prototype wall-e that I'm working on right now is too small to reform its tracks so they're going to be cubed in the way they are instead of changing its shape. on the larger wall-e I hope to make the tracks able to reform when going into cube form.
jezzz christ... you remind me of my ex..<br><br>just congrat the man!!!!
I'm sorry. Congradulations on the Wall-E Robot!!!
Anthony312 Keep us up to date with your progress, I know your protype will probly not have any electronics on it which is fine, But at least you can see that retraction of the tracks are needed and if you keep your wall-e light enough you may not need the gearbox motor, I would use a standard servo for the drive system in this case. Just remember to keep it as light as possable. When you get it right you'll have to enlarge the Wall-E 2 to 3 time the size of 4mem8's wall-e just to get everything inside. Good luck and I hope to see you get it done. Jax
My first wall-e (the prototype) will be made of cardboard. I chose cardboard because I have like 20 small cardboard boxes that are just the right size for wall-e. They are about the same size as the wall-e toys from Toys R Us, so they're perfect. for the motors that move wall-e I will use those small motors u find in hand-held fans or small toys and RC cars. I will use rubber bands for the tracks on the prototype wall-e and then get real tracks for the full-sized one. The head I will make out of two of the rectangle cameras I talked about earlier and two mini-motors (they are really small) for the lens to pop in and out. also I might put a motor on the hinge between his two eyes so he can do that up and down movements with his eyes like he does in the movie. On the larger version I will put a small laser pointer on his head because he has a laser in the movie (of coarse I wont use a REAL laser). I will use 4 rectangular orange LEDs and 1 regular LED for the solar charge-up panel. I will try and find a speaker for wall-e too (if I want to make wall-e talk or just so he looks authentic). I don't know what the red button on wall-e does in the movie so I will use that button as the on and off switch. I'll also use a mini-motor to open and close wall-e's front door. For the prototype wall-e I will use 8 small calculator solar panels (wow thats a waste of 8 calculators!) and for the bigger one ill try to find real solar panels. I'll also use mini-motors for the arm and neck movements too. The mini-motors will also be used to lift up wall-e and bring his tracks and arms in. I don't think ill make him compact trash on both wall-es. But there is an empty space in wall-e when he's not in cube form that you can put stuff in (just remember to take them out before making wall-e go into cube form!).
I've read your comments too, I know that your helping 4mem8 program his wall-e. anyway about the torque, I'm planing to make a much smaller wall-e than 4mem8 and thus am going to use a smaller motor and less power and torque, so a HUGE gearbox isn't neccesary. I'm planing on first making a small toy-sized prototype wall-e (to see if he can go into cube form, which I know he will), then later, if I have a lot more money and parts, will make a full-size wall-e (by full size I mean about the same size as 4mem8's wall-e). The prototype wall-e is the one I'm making plans on right now.
But the Metal squares will crash into each other, and plus they will leave no room for the rods that will bring wall-e's tracks up when he has to turn into a cube. plus the metal squares wont leave room for the tracks themselves. Anyway it doesn't matter, i dont care about the trash compacter as much as i want wall-e to go into cube form. Thats what i want most.
Before I answer your question, How many robots have you built??
I have never had the time or the money to completely finish a robot, but I have made many electrical circuits and contraptions with the parts I have laying around on my desk. I don't have enough money (or time) to buy all the parts I've needed to complete a robot, and I already have plans with what to do with the cluttered junk on my desk (I'm going to combine it all into one electrical contraption) so I'm out of parts basically. I also don't have the time to finish a robot because I'm very busy with school and homework and reading books and watching TV and playing on the computer (like I'm doing right now). So right now I'm just researching and making plans for all the robots I will be building in the future (which of coarse includes wall-e) and making sure they're all foolproof. I've lost count with all the plans for the robots I'm going to build. So I'm waiting until I have the time and the parts to finish a robot.
Great, pleased you are into robots, Take your time and do it right.
Thanks. Now what were you going to say earlier?
Ok, What I am about to say is [ Please don't take this the wrong way ] When you have finished building a robot,[ A true robot ] from start to finish including programming you will see that it is NOT easy to do, Wall-E is a very complicated robot to build and to do what you are thinking of doing is pretty much on the top end scale to get working, I will not say impossible because there is no such thing as impossible, BUT what you are asking is getting pretty close and if you pull it off I for one will congratulate you Anthony312. Good luck and I look on with interest.
I know how hard its going to be to build. But don't worry, i've got a whole lifetime to build it. It will be finished sooner or later...and thats a promise!
But lets get back to what i was saying earlier. do u have anything to say about the comment i stated after yours to CapnTac (its the comment at the bottom of this conversation) and if you do, please reply on that one, this one is getting cramped.
Not sure if you're still working on this project, but I suggest mounting a camera just between and below his eyes, between the two sockets. Then he can have collision avoidance and could be followed/watched from a computer anywhere you wished.
love it &lt;3....
just saw it I loved it!!!
<strong>jirus95:</strong> many thanks for you comments.<br/>
Nise work Dud!<br>Maxxa robot aha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
u forgot the WALL-E logo on his chest!
<strong>Ltcheesecracker:</strong> Very good spotting on your part, Wall-E is not quite finished yet and this will be the last thing to go on when it is. Thanks.<br/>
Hi, how is this project going?
hi General, has been slow as i was made redundent and was out of work for 12 months, this delayed progress money wise. but i still have it on my robotic shelf ready to start again , ty for asking :-)
cool put a vid on it
Great work :) I probably won't ever get to make one, but it'd be so cool to have a life size WALL-E.
looks awesome I cant wait to see it in action
Hey 4mem8 remember me? (If you dont my comments are below)They made a wall-e toy that could transform into a cube. I guess they beat me to it.
Anthony312: Got a link to it??
no I just saw a commercial on tv and a toy review on youtube. It's not that great anyway. its spring powered not motorized and the head, arms, and tracks are smaller than normal in proportion to the body. you just press a button and the head, arms, and tracks come out, then you just push them back in.
Haha, my plasma speaker is behind you... :-)
Hey Plasmana. Correct not far behind.
congrats on highest ible! :D
<br/><strong>Owen-mon-82397</strong> Thanks for the congrats.<br/>
You have no life. But, it is still cute...

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