Just a couple of my Wall-E, this is still work in progress
Beats my Wall-E by miles, lol! Very nice man, atleast you got the colors and proportions right
Instructions now posted <br><br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Walle-E/
Have you ever thought about posting your Radial Engine? :)
Yeh I have thought about it. The trouble is I don't have many pictures and it was taken apart ages ago making it hard to create any instructions.<br><br>Guess I could just create a slide show, anyone interested in seeing it?
I'm currently working on a radial engine lol.
Goodoh, you do know that a proper radial engine has an odd number of cylinders. Very hard to do with K'nex. Good luck, be good to see it finished
Yeah thats a problem, but also another one is the cam rollers...
What I did was to use 4 small black wheels with one of the holes slightly enlarged so it will fit on a rod.<br><br>http://chinnybeer.co.uk/Slideshow_Stuff/K%27nex_Radial.html
Do you think you could make the front hatch open up like on the real Wall-E?
Already done, wait for the instructions :)
Your making instructions!!!! Im subscribing right away. :)
amazing 5*
Gunner or not thank you :)
That is really rather good.<br><br>Knocks all those silly K'NEX guns into a cocked hat.
Oh Thanks
You're welcome.<br><br><sub>(What for?)</sub>
I was being sarcastic, Im a knex gunner
No, really?<br><br>;-)
This is very good :D 5*
Nice! 5*
thanks, just wait til it's finished
It's not finished? <br>Are you going to post instructions?
Not quite. What does Wall-E do best? he collects scrap and compresses it so it needs a scrap collector then it will be complete.<br>Yes I will post instructions when completed.
Thats awesome! 5*
cheers for the comment
Instructions will come when it's completely finished. Just thought I'd share the early stages first.
cool! can't wait to see the finished product!
so did you add the cyber knex motors
yeh it has the 3 motors and processor fitted inside
Wow very impressive, you are the guy from KI who posted version 1, right?
yep sure am
COOL!!!! %*!
The pictures are to small to see anything and a lack of details leaves me wondering.<br><br>
Done, enjoy :)
Sweet, thanks, looks cool. <br>Damn now I need to get my lego out again (don't have any knex).
Yeh I Know, realised a while ago. Will post some better ones later.
go on knex innovation you can see bigger pics<br>5*

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